Reporting players and lore challenges

After reading the DLC Plan Update 1, I was a little concerned about this:

“In the interest of making it easier to report players who are trying to ruin the fun for everyone, we’ve created an in-game reporting function that will be accessible through the scoreboard and allow you to flag players who are suspected of cheating, abandoning games, or ruining the overall experience.”

Players who are going after lore challenges with no concern for the outcome of the match are going to be reported. How will Gearbox respond to this? It’s not fair to create the challenge then punish a player who is only concerned with completing the challenge; it is also not fair to add such a player to a team which only wants to win.

Gearbox, if you honestly believe players won’t report other players for this or other petty things like having zero kills late in a match despite having high objective scores and minion kills, you haven’t played enough games with PvP. I have seen reporting systems which work on a number of reports in a short amount of time and others which require moderator review, and I seriously hope yours will be the second type.

The cries against the PvP lore challenges have gotten your attention; do you really want to see as many posts complaining about getting banned from the game while just trying to complete a PvP challenge?


Yes I hope they really do something to address this that doesn’t hurt the player. This is a very valid concern and I appreciate this thread. I myself have felt VERY guilty about doing these types of things as you stated and I do not want others to report me

For example: I am currently doing WhiskeyFoxtrot lore challenges. I need 150 criticals to BattleBorn & 25 OM kills. I am playing PVP “solely” for these lore challnges so I can get his legendary. I play without worrying about the objective. I don’t capture. I don’t care for minions. I don’t care to push my lane. I just run into the fight and try and kill OM by chasing him around the map and getting headshot criticals

Before when I was doing Galilea (I stopped since nobody plays her anymore. I feel I’m never going to get this lore done) if there wasn’t an Ambra on the opposing team I just disconnected. I have no interest in PVP but the lore challenge REQUIRED me to play with other people. I didn’t like the feeling of having that team go 4v5 but it isn’t my fault. There shouldn’t have even been PVP-only lore challenges in the first place. In Gearbox testing I’m shocked everyone 100% thought this was a good idea and that the playerbase would go wild for crazy PVP lore challenges

I hope the report system is moderated fairly and they give us a way to send them a reply or explanation on why we were doing what we were doing (which is why I think PVP lore challenges should be able to be done in PRIVATE MATCHES so we dont ruin other peoples experiences in PVP public)

By this I mean I was playing Ghalt. I just ran around trying to do his 25 hookshot challenge. I just ran in circles trying not to die and waited for my cooldown. Then hookshot a player then run around in circles again. If a MOD saw the video he would think I’m just doing this to ruin my team or give the enemy team a win. Or maybe even doing this for fun

But in reality I’m just waiting for my Hookshot cooldown to hookshot more people for my lore challenge. But if he doesn’t know I’m doing that he will think I’m a person with ill intent and probably ban me. And I did not buy the Deluxe Edition/Season Pass just to be banned from a game I’ve put so many hours into


Well they have addressed the lore challenges. Kill challenges will be only 5 kills or assists.

@pumkin1988 going for crits will only ever help your team so I don’t see you getting reported for that. The kill challenges, as I’ve said above, are being changed.

Where did you get the info that it’s going to be changed to 5 kills/ assists? That’s pretty cool. Still tedious but not as tedious as before. Will still have the same problem the OP mentions tho.


Most of the concerns I’ve seen on the reporting feature are that it will be abused- not from the user end, which is to be expected, but from Gbx’s end - that is, that a report will somehow lead to ‘bad’ teammates getting banned.

I’m still have confidence that if Gbx is willing to impliment the feature that they intend to do so correctly- being reported isn’t what gets you banned. Being reported gets you looked at, and if, in looking, Gbx’s team assigned to this feature finds that you were “cheating, abandoning games, or ruining the overall experience.” Then do you get warmed, banned, etc. I’m sure even cheaters will need a few matches reviewed before they get banned, for the sake of needing to verify that they didn’t just have a really good match.

It’s all well and good to be cautious- “expect the best; prepare for the worst,” but have a little faith too! :slight_smile:


It was spoken about on the recent play with the devs stream with Randy Varnell. The info isn’t set on stone, but that’s what’s been said so far. Plenty of other juicy info in that thread too :acmaffirmative:

This particular topic is annoying as you then have to look at it like this: Are you having fun? Or are you making the match crud for the other 9 players by not playing the objective? At that point, is it really you whos the victim or them? Ive found it difficult to pick a side there

I feel the same way the OP does about the lore challenges, but I’ve taken the other route. I don’t play PvP and have simply accepted the fact that, although I paid as much or more than others (season pass) who do play PvP, I will not ever see all the lore for my BB or get the legendaries, because I WON’T take the chance of ruining (up to nine) someone else’s PvP experience.

I’m not saying I’m a better person than the OP, but my husband plays PvP and if I wouldn’t intentionally screw up his game to get a lore challenge, I wouldn’t do it to a stranger, either.

Although moving it back to five, including assists, and making it retroactive (later in the thread) will help many, many people, it still won’t help me. If I won’t wreck 50+ games to kill Ambra to get Galilea and Alani’s legendaries, I’m not going to wreck ten or more by quitting if she isn’t on the opposing team.

However, since every match has a unique number and can be looked at by the folks at GBX, I’m certain they won’t be making any decisions on banning people based on a single report. They don’t do that here on the forums, they certainly wouldn’t do it with the game.


Can you do the lore in a private match with 10 players in a 5v5? I know they aren’t allowing lore completion in private against bots

Yeah, that still doesn’t help those of us who have zero interest in playing public PvP. It’s still only a choice between either incomplete lore/skins/trophies or ruining other people’s fun - only now we would be adding penalization to the punishment! Woo. Hoo. :unamused:

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Y’all, I’m serious. People get together, in teams of ten and queue up in public (it’s quite easy) to complete lore. I’m sure there are others on the forum who’ll do it in their respective platform sections, because It happens every other day on the discord server.

People specifically get together to complete lore.
You don’t have to “ruin someone else’s match”. By that logic I’m ruining every pvp match ive ever been in because i don’t care about winning, and im not a good player.

And yet somehow, being just about the worst player has never kept people from asking me to play with them.

If and when gbx introduces competitive play Then and only then will i accept that a single human being should feel that maybe they shouldnt play (if you’re in a team then no, why shouldnt you play?). until then, this is a game, and if you want to go for kills, great! if everyone on your team wants to go for kills, your team will be unbalanced just like in pve if everyone picks the same class of character, but it is a legitimate way to play.

This is all in good fun. Don’t let others get you down - you can’t control them, only yourself. If they want to rage because they want everyone to be a perfect team, they can do so.

Without going into specifics and with the hope people can use their imaginations, there actually are good reasons why some of us don’t work well in groups larger than 5 and this quote is at the core of it. For some of us, this is easier said than done and we bought the game, too. No where was it printed, suggested, or even implied that there was secret lore that could only be unlocked by playing with nine other people.

Currently, no.

Thing is, having a team that tries their best is all that I ever ask for in a multiplayer game. If their best is going 1-10 every match then I’m not going to complain at all. It’s not fun watching someone run around in circles trolling 9 other people because they believe that their actions are justified due to how Gearbox implemented the lore challenges. If I find people making it obvious that they don’t care about the outcome of the game and are active selfishly then they will have earned a report from me and I’m sure that others will do the same. I don’t care which team they’re on, if they’re acting this way they’re “. . .ruining the overall experience.” (quote taken from the Gearbox post regarding the report feature) If someone gets timed out or banned while working on their lore, then they deserve it since they obviously ruined the experience to enough players (assuming, as posted earlier, they implement the report system that most games have).

As @Shield_Biter mentioned, the lore challenges will be changed and I believe that it will be retroactive and it should include assists. That being said, there will be even less of a reason to see someone focusing on their lore and ignoring everything else in the match so hopefully people see this happen less often.

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