(REPOST) Stuff for Trade, Taking Offers

I made this list due to my OCD, figured I’d let the masses peruse my wares. I’m looking for the below gear:

  • Maggie w/ 50% Bonus cryo damage while SNTNL is active.
  • Radiation Annexed Lyuda w/ Gamma Burst annoint.
  • Radiation Double-Penetrating Laser Sploder w/ Gamma Burst annoint.
  • Annexed Jericho w/ Gamma Burst annoint.
  • Any Red Suit shield (annointed preferred).
  • Cryo Mirv-tacular Hex (annointed preferred).
  • Cyro Lucian’s Call w/ ASE100
  • Cryo Dictator w/ ASE100
  • Phasecast annointed weapons (Crossroads, Lyuda, Lucian’s, etc.)

Here’s what I have to offer: