Request: Add an animation to Shepherd Bot's overshielding

Battleborn MP has a pretty steep learning curve. As I’ve slowly climbed it I’ve learned that it’s pretty useful to mooch off friendly Shepherd overshields and also to try to destroy enemy Shepherds before they can recast theirs. As far as I can tell, though, there’s no visual indicator when they’re about to fire their skill or what the effect radius will be. If there was an animation, or the AoE was marked on the ground (like with Shadowfire Pillar, or Thrall grenades, etc) a few seconds in advance of the overshield firing off, it would make BB a little easier for new players to learn. There’d be visual indications that the overshield is important and that it’s about to go off.
It could add a little to visual clutter, but I think BB would benefit from being a little easier to pick up, especially if they’re planning to do stuff to attract new players like going F2P.

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There is a visual animation to show that they are about to give off the shield. The Shepard will start shaking and parts of it will open up. No indication of the size of it but it will let you know when it’s about to go off.

I think what he is referring to is for more if a prominent sound cue such as it going “yes…yes…” prior to it starting to shake and then having parts open up. That way, people can have a bit of a heads up to gather by before hand.