Request: Add power level 1-10 labels to gear

Greetings all,
This seemed like the appropriate place to post this request, so here it is.
When returning to BL3 after a brief hiatus since before mayhem 2.0, i discovered that it’s not immediately apparent within the game that the power of weapon and loot drops scale according to the mayhem level in which they were found. For reference and comparison purposes, i suggest that the item cards for all drops are updated to display a power or mayhem level that tells us how much the item properties have been scaled upwards.
Yes item cards have a score rating, but i find that these do not usually coincide with what a player considers as useable or desirable for an item. Information is power and the mayhem level scaling information is missing from item cards…Give us more information power! :bulb: :sun_with_face:


I agree with this, a Mayhem Level indicator on the card would be insanely beneficial when storing items in the bank. The Item Levels of the gear isn’t a very good method of comparing weapons, unless I’m not understanding them very well.

This is a common request, for good reason. As @sixpackstl posted, they are working on it. It is hard to be patient with so many issues at once in this game though.

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I reqested it in a post the first day Mayhem 2.0 dropped and the last I heard a day or two ago was it’s being worked on,hopefully it will be implemented with the new takedown and lvl cap update that’s soon to happen