Request: Allow lore challenge progression in bot matches

Basically, the issue is this: Only people who wants to explicitly pursue lore challenges would abuse bot matches for lore challenge progress. If they are denied bot matches, they’ll abuse non-bot matches for lore challenge instead, hence making it painful for everyone involved. I realize that PvP lore challenges are to encourage people to play in PvP, but when the alternative is for people to play PvP with the objective of completing lore challenges (as opposed to performing PvP objectives), you’re hurting the experience of everyone else instead.


Still yet to see a lore challage that stops people playing the game probably. Havent unlocked ghalt yet but i dont think one of his challages is lose 5 pvp matches.

Yes, but there’re challenges which are “Kill specific target”. The problem is that “Kill specific target” isn’t directly related to any of the PvP map objectives, and you need said target on the other team to begin with. Which would lead to a person specifically playing for lore challenges to single out a target to kill regardless of the actual map objectives, or to throw the match as fast as possible so that they can requeue.

Would be nice. I always see Galilea players quit if there is no Ambra on the opposing team or When I play Ambra and the opposing team has a Galilea it becomes a kite fest as i become their number one priority of that player and they ignore everything about the PVP mode

The option should be there but the penalty is you should and can only get one the points each week for solo. , or can it anytime on the pvp. but sucks since many other jobs are not pvp related. . so there should be a bridge gap.

There’s also the problem that when you want to complete lore challenges like “Kill X character X times” you have to play with that character as often as possible to make sure that you don’t miss a possible opportunity to kill your lore challenge enemy. It makes people completely disregard team comps…

And the fact that assist do not count towards Lore challenges (which means that assists aren’t enough, and could possibly even promote some toxic gameplay since people might get mad when you “steal” them their lore challenge progress. I for sure was annoyed when I finally caught an Oscar Mike and did like 95% health damage to them and was still shooting them and Marquis decides to take the last shot…) you NEED the killing blow. Honestly I’m even ready to die for it, I just want to get them done.

Rel but many the lore can be be done single player solo, to get the gear , just handful requires pvp only , to do single player is just do it die, and fail but it counts,

But I am specifically talking about PvP challenges.

i think that all the lore should be , equal , stupid how some jobs get there lore all single player and other got to get pvp versions.

but since they got some the classes that way pvp , they need do something fair to bridge the gap.

I can say with all honesty that me and my brother only focus on lore in pvp, couldn’t give a damn about objectives


To be honest the frustration of BS pvp lore challenges and the Australian matchmaking being broken has made me walk away from PVP all together. Ever tried getting Benedict kills AT ALL with a red bar?

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I only played Benedict once, in PvE but I had a terrible connection for some reason and couldn’t even use his glide properly (stutter jumping, could only glide one foot off the ground). I can only imagine fighting other people like that, and with his ridiculous slow rockets.

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It has basically made me ragequit any PVP Lore Challenges and discouraged me playing and from trying to 100% the game. Even my missus has gone back to PvZ: GW2 which we have 100%ed for achievements without a single online multiplayer match. All the bot matches but we have fun :slight_smile:

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Ghalt leaving/throwing the match when he doesn’t get first blood.

Toby running in to his death to blow up mobs with his self destruct.

Toby actually using his ULT isntead of forgetting he has one to try and get multikills with it when it’s so bad that setting up an easy multikill usually results in getting himself or a teammate killed then the enemy just gets away anyway because the ULT is absolute trash.

Or wiskey foxtrot running around getting shot up quick meleeing mobs instead of just shooting them and not extending himself for an easy kill.

Or WF again, disconnecting or trying to submit 3 minutes into a match that doesn’t have an oscar mike to kill.

People want their legendaries. They will spend days screwing up games to get them, and you will start to see this more and more once people figure out the one thing they have left to do taht they haven’t done because it’s counterproductive. They should have stayed revolving around using all the different playstyles of the character and their abilities with different morphs, so that mastery shows people that someone has tried out all the character’s playstyles… not that they threw x amount of matches to do some counterproductive thing like DIE so often that you kill 200 enemies with your corpse.


WF mele and push back can be done in the campaign. Thats what I am currently doing and its a pain in the butt! I am level 40, have WF at 11 and I always get some level 2 person who thinks I need help and kills the guy I am attacking.

I was unaware you could 100% gw2 with bots, thanks for the info

Easiest fix is just to allow lore challenges in Private PVP. If you quit one of those you aren’t affecting anyones game. Even in there it’s not like the bots just let you kill them. it’s ridiculous every time I pick Ambra and a galilea pop ups on the opposite team, they will die 10-20 times just to get that 1-2 kills when I’m not paying attention.


Also, I find the bots pretty fun. Not challenging at all, which can get boring fast, but they’re all playing within the limits set by the devs which is a nice change of pace tbh. They don’t solo the walkers in incursion, they actually go about it by escorting the smaller bots first and making a team push how the mode was intended… none of them exploit the sentry tank’s LOS either.

Playing online can be fun, but all it takes is a single person blowing up our first sentry with marquis from the top of their base and I’m done for the day. The bot mode, when friends are offline, is the only thing that’s kept me playing this week.

It’s odd I can get challenges done playing the campaign solo vs bots but can’t playing the vs mode. They are the same level of difficulty.


As a Co-Op PvE player who was drawn to BB for the campaign mode, I fully support this. I can understand you dont want players to get all the awesome achievements cheesed, but the lore challenges are pretty important NOT just because of the legendaries they unlock, but because character backstory is hidden behind them. As is, I will probably never know what is behind Toby’s lore that requires 20 double kills with his ult, which saddens me because Toby is one of my favorite characters. For Kleese, I am resigned to load in and lose a PvP match on each map which will be unfair to those teams that are forced to deal with me.

This game is marketed “For every kind of Badass” not just people that like to PvP!

Please, either allow lore challenges to be unlocked in private VS games or change the lore challenges to not solely require PvP. For example, each character can be unlocked two ways. Let the lore challenges be unlocked two ways.