Request: Allow quitting as a failure

Title says it all. If I’m in the middle of a PVE match (private) and have to stop, I commit suicide instead of quitting so I get experience for what I have played. Even in public matches, a person should not be penalized for having to quit. My suggestion is to make everyone’s match individualized so they can leave the match and they fail while everyone else continues. I would also open up the option to join games in progress so someone else can hop in to fill the spot. I don’t think this should extend to PvP until there is a true punishment system for rage quitters.

I could see the merits to this. Most story missions take at least 30 minutes, and RL things come up. Also, if someone leaves a story mission early, it usually is still beatable. Not so much with PVP.


I have to completely disagree with that. RL things come up in public PvE, internet fails, power goes out, ect. Auto-failing because you’re kicked out, through no fault of your own, would beyond suck and would be markedly worse than the system now. Keep it rejoinable

Well, that’s my point for doing this is RL things. I think you should get the experience for what you’ve done though. If you have a split screen buddy with you and you’re kicked because of power for example, you’ve just left 3 people to fight a 5 man difficulty with no way for them to fill the team until/unless you rejoin. Maybe there should be a time limit for you to rejoin (3 minutes?) when kicked unintentionally until that spot is open?

Side note: this does complicate challenges for doing partial missions, whether leaving early or joining late. I think there should be a system to recognize you’ve been there for most/all of the match for challenges as well.

The best thing would be to give the lead control of a room, but obviously when it comes to PUGs this has its downsides. But despite potential misuse, having a ‘Vote to Kick’ option would certainly help.

The only other issue at hand is because this game uses an exp/resource system it becomes problematic when it comes to bringing in fresh blood. Were it just resources then that’s one thing, you vote to kick either the shards of that person can be divied or just voided and then when the new blood shows up they can farm the respawning shard bits. EXP is a different matter since the further in the campaign you go the more a level becomes a necessity. There’s nothing that can just track and save exp gained on a singular person so it can be transferred over; it’d be a wonky system. Were the game running on a shared exp system and everyone accumulated levels as a group then that could work.