[REQUEST] Allow targeting of munitions without minelayer ability

Can we please have a new ability for ships to be able to target munitions without them needing the minelayer ability?

It’s confusing for the player as the ships don’t lay mines.

Also, some improved manoeuvre where ships will target munitions incidentally instead of stopping and firing at them would be good to go along with that too :smile:

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There’s a ton of missile targeting bugs and issues that I’d have hoped Gearbox would have fixed for the Remaster (especially since they had a modder giving input?). I don’t know which of these if any are fixed, but just from the top of my head the problems were:

Missiles aren’t targetable, ever. You can’t make them a valid right click target, and you can’t make them a valid band-box target.

Ships need the minelayer abililty (but not the ability to actually lay mines) to fire at missiles.

Ships only fire at missiles if they have not been given a direct attack order on something else, so you can’t focus fire and have PD going at the same time.

Beams cannot hit missiles.

And I’m sure there were more I don’t remember right now, but all of these are serious issues for any mod that needs missiles to be countered something that shoots at them.

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Star Trek Continuum uses the missile option for torpedoes. So almost every ship has to have minelayer ability. Yes, it is a problem.

Have you looked at the taiidan defense fighter? It is doing exactly what you are asking for.

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I’ve just checked the Defense Fighter out. That was a good call (I didn’t expect the Defense fighter to be anti-missiles, since it was specifically the opposite in HW1), but it’s doing what I suspected - it’s based on custom code, and from a quick overview I suspect it’d be very hard to get it to work one something that’s supposed to shoot at missiles incidentally instead of doing only anti-missile duty and no other fighting. It also doesn’t solve missile untargetability issues (if they still exist).

However the Defense Fighter does indicate that at least the beam vs missile issues are fixed - the Tai_Defenselaser is a straight up insta-hit beam, not the beam+invisible projectile trick that used to be necessary. So that’s cool.

As an aside, the custom guarding code and the whole AI side of the Defense fighter code is really quite clever. Kudos to whoever wrote that. Especially tons of documentation. You rarely see documentation that extensive.

I -think- it might still be bugged and target allied munitions however. :s

you should be able to change the maneuver away from stop and shoot by adding an exception for the Munitions class in the CanAttack part of the ship file. I always liked switching it to Dogfight (or whatever the fighter vs fighter one was named), it made it look like the ship was taking evasive action to avoid being hit.

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I use the Taiidan defender code to power interceptors and pds on ships in my mod and it works better than the old minelayer thing ever did. The code is super easy to fix so it doesn’t target allied munitions too.

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Also as long as the script does not reference specific ship types or names you can place one lua in the base ship folder and reference it from many ships.

I too have most ships with minelayer. I didn’t think to try the defender script enmasse due to performance

It would great if this flag was in the addweapon or the weapon rather than the ship abilities so that pds guns could be reused

That’s exactly what I did- i have many ships calll the same function and plug in their specific variables when applicable. I haven’t noticed a performance hit.