Request: Audio Clues for Matchmaking Queues

Bustin’ out dat rhyme.

Anyhow - do you think we might get some audio clues to the Matchmaking progress? Like, have Nova say “Choose a Map” and then “Choose a Player” at the appropriate times? It would help some of us in the longer queues. We could get up, grab a snack, stretch, etc. and not miss player/map select.

Randoming a player you don’t know, with equipment not for them, is bad. As is watching the queue timer for long periods :wink:

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I second this, I’m usually perusing forums on my phone while I wait for a queue, and it has often gotten me down to 10 seconds left to pick a character before I realized

Whenever I miss the character select the game randomly picks me a character I absolutely do not want to play as. Like Attikus or Kleese. Also with a loadout that they don’t benefit from in any way.
(Needless to say I’m not a very lucky person.)

Audio cues are something I’ve been hoping for since day one, I know even with shorter queue times people can miss the character select.

There are audio clues. The music changes and ticking starts when choosing a map.

Character select I just go off the end of the ticking.

It would be cool but annoying and tedious after a while to have actual dialogue play out when choosing characters and maps every single match.