REQUEST: Camera Ship MOD

Camera Ship MOD
Okay you talented developers out there someone make us a Camera Ship so we can record better in game video!

Not having replay playback is tough but if we had a ship(invisible model, no skin, super high health) that could be produced in game and we could control in 1st person view with a specific ship class choice (e.g. be able to choose between fighter class, corvette, capital and depending on the choice the flight speed, turn radius, etc. was simulated so the observer has the feeling they are flying that class) then we can create some very smooth in game videos using ship way points.

It would be nice to be able to increased speed so that if you are following fighters you can come from behind and zoom in-between them and then past them as well.

I nicety would also be able to , optionally, set a focal point so as the ship moves through its way-points the camera view stays focused on (ship, asteroid, point in space) was set to watch.

Oh the videos we could produce then… and in a much more timely manner!


We have a new system in the engine - used with a camera ship it makes for great videos (all of the in-engine stuff we captured for the various videos that were released)… I think we’ll get an example for that out very soon…


hey bitvenom,

what about this camera tool, do you want to release it?

for me, as a filmmaker, it would be very interesting in shooting a little bit in the homeworld universe, but i need the right tools, right now its impossible because there is absolutely no camera tension possible, would love it and i make you some small films :slight_smile:

If it had it’s own UI, like pressing “Record” or “Stop” or simply by using the menu that has commands in like move, you could record mid-battle and perhaps it saves to a folder in a place of your choice.

its more about the movement of the camera.
last time i saw the internal GTA 5 - “film editor” - something like that ?

would love to make and watch some great battles