Request: change "Siren" to [Character name]; CMOD

And the rest of the classes.

I have many mules and would like to be able to see their names myself when logged on (in inventory management, I often take breaks, unsurprisingly, and come back having to go to the customization machine to learn which mule I’m on.)

Beyond that, I really do miss the nostalgia of the cmod defining your current class/subclass. I felt like it added some verisimilitude.


Example if this is not clear:

Instead of “Zane” it’d be “Mr. Beard; Infiltrator” if I named my Zane “Mr. Beard” and he had an infiltrator CMoD"


You can name your character whatever you wish at the customization station. This name is viewable when loading in your character so before you even go into the game you know which character you are playing as.


This. When I switch Characters I exactly know who is who. The one is AirMoze One and the other is for example Fl4ksh1p. So really don’t see the problem here except for you to have it to rename “once”.

I don’t mind renaming it. And to be honest this isn’t some huge issue that is “bothering” me.

But it’s a small quality of life change I’d love to see implemented.

I think the op already name their mules at the Quick Change station.
What is “asked” is to display said character name in game instead of the account name.
Something I agree with.

Even thou I have one or two “main” character with dumb names I would want to change before showing in public with them! :open_mouth:


Yup. They all have different names.

What happens though, is with a looong list of mules, it takes some time for their names to show on the character loading screen.

Sometimes I’ll log out one evening and log in the next day, and it isn’t apparent which of my Amaras I am on, so I hit continue and have to walk over to the quick change machine to find out.

It’s not a big deal, but I wouldn’t need to do so if it were labelled on the screen itself as I play.

How many Mules do you need now that we have around 400 bank slots? I stopped needing more space around 300 and that’s even without me cleaning up my bank. If your list of character is so long that it takes a minute for their names to load then IDK if the problem is “I wanna see their names because their names don’t load in fast enough in character select”.

The last one you played. The loaded character is always the last one to have been played.

Honestly, IDK what the issue here is. When selecting a character you see their names. That’s how it is for me on character select anyhow.

Currently I have 14 “accounts” that I use for mules on my PS4. With around 40 characters on the “main mule account” .
I may be a bit of a hoarder thou… :wink:

It’s not so much for the total space available as to organize storage.

This is why all my mule characters have the most obnoxious heads I can find for the character. Instant recognition that ‘this is not the one I want’. Then again, I only have one of each character that I actually use in game play, so there’s less risk of confusion.

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But you can organize by level, rarity, type, etc. I mean, I guess you can control mule storage better, but why do that to yourself? I kinda doubt anyone would ever need…
40 characters x 40 slots = 1600 slots + 400 Bank storage = 2000 slots…

Yea. That most certainly is a hoarding problem. I’m a hoarder, but I tend to get rid of items that are either between levels (only keep gear that is lvl 10, 20, 30, etc…) and only keep heads and skins that aren’t duplicates of ones I already have in storage. I have no idea how one can fill 2000 slots in storage. Maybe it is time to consider clearing out some space for your own sanity because that most certainly is a problem.

(Please note: I’m not trying to insult you. I just think that, at a certain point, you’re only hurting yourself. Best of intentions and I am sorry if it comes off as a shot at you)

I perennially had this problem in BL2. Launch the game, go to Sanctuary, and forgot which Siren I loaded. Usually ended up logging back out, checking, and reloading.
BL1 showed you the character name you selected in the New-U station, I never understood why they didn’t carry that through all the games.

In the grand scheme of things a minor problem, but annoying enough that I understand what the O.P. is talking about and agree that this should be a straightforward fix.


I have 177 mules currently (had to add a few for Terror items).

Every legendary shield has a dedicated mule as does every legendary artifact type. I group certain things (Atlas only has a single mule) but can’t for others (maliwan smgs each get their own).

So, like I said, a lot of mules.

A big part of this is I like to play all four hunters, so I need to separate out their hunter specific anointments.

That and you might get 3 of the exact same gun, but with three very different anoints.

So, I recognize this issue is probably one that doesn’t come up for everyone, but it would be a help to me and others like me who have lots of mules.

Which is pretty much useless…
4 classes times 3-4+ usable COMs which you can use on 3 different AS per class.
How many useful artifacts there is considering all the possibilities? Just for a melee Amarra there’s already a bunch!

Now about those terror anointments…

As I said. It’s not so much for the total storage space.
4 Mules for class specific gears, artifacts. The rest are organized by manufacturers mostly. Overstorage and “might be fun one day” or some lower tier utility gear.

The “main” mule account have all the leveling gear I kept. Honestly much more useless than it was for BL2. What is done is done. :man_shrugging:
Plus one per class too and a couple categories like corrosive, grenades…

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Also, it’s not just total space, but ORGANIZED space…

Not all of my mules are full.

But I have different items on different mules since the bank’s sort function isn’t very helpful for certain things.

If I want to look at all shotguns, no problem…but if I want to look at all “phasecast” anointments, I have to go through every item one by one.

I probably could live with just the giant bank if I could organize it either myself (and things would stay in certain areas, ideally with multiple tabs) or could search by anointment, by element, and by a few other things I’ve wanted in the past, but can’t think of at the moment.

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And you don’t want them to be. :wink:
Ideally not more than 3/4 full. Nothing worse than finding out a mule is full or trying to move stash around with only 2 empty spaces.


I honestly would pay $$$ for extra 2000 slots than having mules (which I do. In Xbox it’s slow as well)

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I would IF they were sortable and arrangeable. Just giving me more bank space isn’t a help.

My bank is a “pass through” that I fill up a bunch and then sort out to mules.


Yeah good point. Sifting thru 400 items is a challenge already.