Request - Companion App

It’d be great to view all the stuff in the “Command” section from an app on my phone. Show off your K/D, look at your Character Progression, or check on your gear bank.

Things that would be expected:

  • View Character Progression (Challenges, rank, helixes, etc)
  • View Gear
  • View Overall Stats

Things that would be neat, but seem hard to me:

  • Buying loot packs (or anything, really)
  • Viewing match history
  • Changing/Viewing Loadouts

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I would love this

This would be awesome, and I’m just going to ask now: Pleeeease don’t forget Windows Phones. It’s not the most popular OS, I know, but we do exist

While it’s a great idea, I don’t think it is the best use of (presumably limited) resources right now. Every effort needs to be going to improving the game and building the user base.


First of all, I agree. Though, that doesn’t mean it can’t start being planned.

But what of a 3rd party, like with BBTap?

Just because you can’t accomplish something today, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider trying to do it tomorrow.
or something like that.


Alternatively, if Battleborn had a public API, I’m sure the community would create something great - I used numerous user-created sites for Destiny and it was awesome.

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Also this ^^^ I would love to see what the community could come up with. I want the Mental Marmit app