Request for a within-team pick swap system

This issue is broken down very well by the_Volum3 on the following Battleborn subreddit post:

Basically, the current pick/ban system forces a specific person to make each Battleborn pick in a random (predetermined) order, instead of allowing the team to decide which person should pick which Battleborn in which order. Please implement something like a swap/trade system such that I could pick someone like Beatrix first, who I know will be picked/banned early (but a character that I do not specifically want to play), then trade that Battleborn choice to one of my teammates who wanted to play her, giving me the Battleborn that they originally chose later in the pick sequence (like Whiskey or another character less likely to be banned/picked early)



I would like to see that as an option, but it should be in a private mode. The draft mode already takes a lot of time to get things started. And trading would just be another lengthy feature and a potential cause for players leaving
(if they dont to play the toon they want to play).

Public draft modes to me, are not designed for a 5man premade (tournament play sure but not public mode) Draft mode is a way for players to ban certain characters that they dont want to face in a game, maybe because of balance or cheese or whatever. It also gives a challenge to a solo or small group to pick the best available toon that they can play not the best for the team.

SO in short no trade in public let it be the luck of the draw, and hopefully you pick the best player that is available that you can play.

This needs to happen. Last thing I need happening is some guy who can only play Pendles picking first and wasting that first pick because it is the only character he can play.

Thanks for your response. However, there’s no reason it would have to increase time. After all are selected, it could be an option (that you wouldn’t need to make use of) to swap with another person, and it would only occur if both agreed to the swap.

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But he will still pick pendles, and then what happens he trades the only toon he can play?

You’re missing the point. having him use our first pick on Pendles causes us to miss out on a top tier character, giving the enemy team both the advantage of going against Pendles, and having more of the top tier characters. I’m saying if he can only be Pendles, it is what it is, but we should be able to make it so Pendles can be our last pick and he can secure an orendi or Gali for us and then simply swap once the draft is completed.

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I do not believe I am missing the point, but thanks for clarifying. If you can switch picks or assign toons to players its Captains pick and thats a private setting. With the picks being random, its just the luck of the draw and I would rather have good bans and ban the top tier toons, and hopefully my random team can make good choices.

agree to disagree… I dunno.

I haven’t played with the new draft system. so i don’t know how it works. why would you need this? This game allows for mirror matches so the other team picking a character doesn’t stop you I thought. don’t they do all the bans first than the picks?

I thought the bans came first too.

I haven’t played around with it enough yet.

Not in draft mode. In draft characters are unique across the board. If team A gets a Gali, team B doesn’t. And it is a ban from each team, pick from each team, ban from each team, then the rest of the picks.

For me personally I think it is the global uniqueness that hurts this mode being a fun casual experience and requires far more teamplay than most public groups can muster on the fly. Characters in this game are so unique that sometimes their only real equivalency (not accounting for team plays and synergies) is another of the same character.

That said, and back on topic, I like the idea for a swap system, but implementing it could be a ui nightmare and it would need to at a bit of time on to let things actually be swapped, though I doubt it would take much time once people got used to the mechanic. I also don’t feel it would be used often, at least not by the groups it could help the most.

I actually like mirror matches. that is one thing I never really liked about mobas is not being able to play a character if the other team picked it. I can understand bans to a point. I don’t really like being told what characters I can’t play. I wish the game was better balanced to not need a ban system for competitive. probably never play the mode than. yeah continue with the topic.