Request for assistance

So here I am a year plus into BL3 and embarrassed to even ask this question.
In all previous versions of the Borderlands seeing what level I was at and how far I had to go to reach that new level were right there, easy to see . I realize that during gameplay when enemies are dispatched the level bar pops up but often views concentrated on being in the moment ascot were and miss it.
I’ve flipped through the available screens but I have not found it. I know I’ll feel stupid once it’s pointed out but if after all rhinestones haven’t found it I’m unlikely to find it on my own.
Little help pkease!
:scream: Thanks

I could be completely wrong (but don’t think I am) but it only shows up on the actual gameplay HUD display and not within your Echo device.

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So it just pops up?

No, it’s on your HUD at all times, but it becomes more prominent for a few seconds as and when you gain XP points.

It shows your level on the XP and BAR display centre-bottom. However, the text is small, hard to read, and doesn’t really tell you how many points you need to get to the next level. It’s the one area of the display that’s actually somewhat minimalist.

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So I just checked and I guess I need to rephrase the question.
When playing in local co-op mode, on an Xbox one x console in vertical split screen, where can I find my level bar like the one I see if I play solo? Or failing that just where can I figure out what level I’m at?
I didn’t notice this because I never play any way other than local split screen co-op. In fact one of the three reasons I play Borderlands, local co-op, playable w/o internet, and true open world.
Just wanna see my level.:grin:

Well I got a couple people telling me this and what I found is that the bars are there only on single player mode. In split screen co-op mode there appears no easy way to tell.

You need to menu and back. It will then pop up for a few seconds and disappear again until you menu the next time.
It is annoying af.

My eyes don’t focus that fast. All the other games have this info on the split screen even this game…but, nooo!
Anyway thanks I’ll give that a whirlwind Gearbox won’t fix it!

I don’t like it either.
Esp when it comes to split screen BL3 made some serious steps backwards …

Well here’s my take on vertical split screen. It’s better than a pointed stick in the eye. How much better is debatable. Still I instantly switch robot as soon as it was available. Can they improve it? Sure, will they, probably not. Why? For all the initial flack there was, it does down and there are no comments on it anymore.
So why spend the $ fixing it? Wouldn’t you see them do much more rewarding fixes like keeping a dollar from being stuck in the ground somewhere?
An actual hot fix.
I’m not complaining, just pointing out.
For the first time I was actually disappointed in Borderlands with that last dlc!
What an uninspiring POS.