Request for Better Controller Aiming(showing issues in BL2)

Hello everyone. Borderlands 3 is expected by the end of the year, and I’d like to offer some feedback/increase awareness for the issues in previous iterations. I’ve make a video for BL2 to illustrate all the issues(these also apply to Pre-Sequel), but I’ll write everything down as well.


BL2 deadzone:

BL2 dotgraph:

Deadzone Shape

Borderlands has used a square deadzone which both makes exiting it irregular and restricts a diagonal movement around the axes, and at it’s current size is quite a bit. That makes what diagonal movement there is incorrect. Switching to a circular deadzone would make exiting it consistent on any angle and wouldn’t restrict any diagonal movement.

Deadzone Size

These games have used ~20% deadzones and while that’s pretty average in games, that’s a large deadzone size. Smaller deadzones make it easier to make precise adjustments as well as make aiming feel more responsive in general. Having a deadzone size slider to customize this would be ideal.

’Turn’ Acceleration

At about 85% the acceleration ramps up dramatically. Some players call this look acceleration, aim acceleration, extra turning or whatever. This is fine for some players, but it would be nice to control or disable this option. Some slider to do this would be ideal.

The range and shape the threshold is also an issue. It triggers at 85%, so that means there’s 15% left of the stick travel that doesn’t do anything. This should either be pushed back, or an option given to control this.

The shape is more squarish than what we’d assume, but ideally this would be addressed with a switch to a circular deadzone.

Since we can disable this, it’d be nice to see the sensitivity cap increased so players could set the sensitivity higher instead of using the acceleration to turn fast. That way you could also avoid needing to wait for the turn acceleration to build up.

ADS altering X/Y sensitivity

When you ADS the vertical sensitivity is dropped. This can make it awkward just in general because of the speed difference, but this also affects diagonal movement. If X/Y sensitivities aren’t the same the diagonal movement will be bias towards whatever the more sensitive axis is. This might be fine for some players, but even if you set them uneven(10h:7v for example) the vertical sensitivity will drop even further(feels like 10h:3.5y) which may not be what that player may like.

Since it does this, both your sensitivity and diagonal movement are different between hip fire and ADS. The fix would be to have ADS simply use whatever the player has set.

Acceleration Curve

This wasn’t an actual issue, but it’s a great option to have. It would control how the acceleration increases with stick movement. Similar options are offered in Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends as ‘response curve’ or in Overwatch as ‘aim ease’. This would be especially useful if the sensitivity cap is increased and the player option.


  • Change the deadzone to a circle, with full diagonal movement
  • Add deadzone size options (0-20+%)
  • A turn acceleration slider(from current to disable). Push back the threshold to gain back more stick movement
  • Increase the sensitivity cap(to 20 would be plenty)
  • Don’t alter the X/Y ratio between hip and ADS. Maybe add an ADS sensitivity slider.
  • An acceleration curve slider. (Optional, but a range of x1 to x3 would be great)

This may seem like a lot, but it shouldn’t be difficult for them to make these changes. Borderlands 3 would feel much better than any of the previous titles if it saw these kinds of improvements. If anyone would like to see any of this in it, you can also toss it Gearbox’s way.

Thanks for reading.


Try removing axial deadzone and only having the other deadzones as high as you need to keep your controller from wandering. Seemed to work for me and make aiming feel like it does as in any other game without stick acceleration (I have sensitivity high). If not removing. Lowering should certainly help. Unless I’m totally wromg

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I only have problems with snipers. After playing Borderlands remastered and absolutely loving how smooth and wonderful the aiming was on there (made sniping with Mordie an absolute dream) it is more than jarring to have to deal with this immense step backwards. Especially with the new gun play being so rewarding with every other type of weapon. Snipers not only seem significantly weaker, I can’t aim them for crap either LOL

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