Request for implementation of an item reforge/reroll function

So far item farming has been really frustrating for me…My bank could be filled to the brim with Foursums, Rippers, Nemesis, Unforgivens, Monocles, Scourges, Boring Guns, ASMDs, Re-Routers, WTFs, and whatever stuff I really am not interested in. So far I have farmed the Psychobillies for 5 hours in order to acquire an Electric Banjo…without success.

However I eventually did acquire some of the items on my wish list, but then with ridiculous anointments like extra acc and handling while jumping, or extra damage while sliding.

Imho this is not really upping the motivation, as some of my friends already think of quitting the game (they got similar issues), and it does not make me play the game more often, since I can‘t play 24/7. This also only helps the virtual item shops and the sellers on ebay, which is a phenomenon I am not really fond of.

I‘d like to suggest a function, or maybe a machine in Sanctuary, where you can reforge/reroll stats, elemental damage (on guns) and anointments on items at the cost of eridium.


Hell yeah, some of those annointments are worthless. I remember there was a machine that you could put some guns into and it would give you a new one. I think it was in BL2 or the Pre-Sequal. This game has too much of a gambling aspect to it. Farming for specific items and not getting them makes you lose interest real quick.

Yes Please. That whould make the game so much better