Request For Mod. Choose Taidan for Campaign

Title states it all.

Appears the Remastered HW1 does not allow you to swap ships with the Taidan for the campaign.

It is how I played the original and have fond memories of all the cool Taidan ships it would be great to play it as we see fit, options are always a good thing.

Help me mod community, you’re my only hope!

The tools needed to do this aren’t there yet, but you can be sure that once they are, it’s happening.

Awesome! I know as far as a mod goes it wouldn’t show the correct ships in the cinematics but no big deal.

All the in-game cinematics should be swappable with varying amounts of work. The animatics on the other hand… do any of them actually show faction ships clearly? Non spring to mind.

The finale clearly shows both a destroyed kushan and taiidan fighter in the same shot…
Actually it seems the landing craft for the finale are clearly taidan corvetes.

So Taidan is canon.

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Lets not go there again. There are multiple Kushan fighters in that exact same shot. The cinematics were designed to work with either race.

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