Request for Moderators

Hey Mods,

Really appreciate all the work you all do curating this most wretched hive of scum and villainy!

A little request though, when you close a thread with a “Please use an existing thread to discuss this topic, thanks.”, could you please link us to the thread in question?

Thank you!

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I have started doing so, since many were about the hotfix I assumed that those people read the thread since they were responding to it.

But I have started doing so.


Much appreciated. Mine was closed, not merged, I was told to read the rules, and that was it. Hard to discuss it when you don’t know where it’s supposed to be discussed. Thank you!!!

Things also can move fast here and its hard to keep up. We try to do our best.

When I have 8 flags and many things coming at me sometimes its hard to grab the links and do everything. I apologize.

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No worries. It wasn’t you that closed it. I also got followed to my next 3 threads and they were closed as soon as I commented… discouraging to be an active community member when that’s the first response you encounter.

Many times it is better to keep things together. In the Forum Rules it does say before you post please search to see if your topic already has a thread.

Also when you make a thread suggestions of similar threads pop up.

Splitting the same conversation into 20 threads isn’t good for anyone. We try to keep those together and sometimes that is closing new threads, especially on a day like today.

But for hotfixes, they are read by gearbox and keeping them in one place helps your feed back be heard. So I know it doesn’t feel like it when someone is closing your thread but we are trying to help everyone’s voice be heard.

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Really appreciate the reply!


Oh, that was me.

Just before I jumped into the game to play a little. Sorry. Also, what derch said.

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