Request for some high-quality wallpapers

Hey folks,

I posted this in the old forums, but thought I’d post it here too.

Can someone who is artistically inclined make a 1080x1920 (vertical HD) wallpaper with the Homeworld 2 logo smack in the middle, with one of the HW2 skyboxes used as a background?

Any other cool phone wallpapers would be neat as well, in addition to traditional desktop ones.

In case people are wondering, we have some cool custom wallpapers available in the old forums:

Give props to forumer Rei Ayanami for their work!

You’ve got to check out Mentalmars, I’ll go find a link for you.
He specifically does gbx screen savers and a few others.

Here you go.

Link to his other work on the BL2 forum.

He does requests.


I’d also love to see some, although 1920x1080 is hardly high res. 4k is what I’d want! The lowest res monitor I use is 3k :wink:

Thanks for the links, Bentu!

You’re welcome. Mars is a good guy and will help you out if he can.

I’ve got a favorites page for some fantastic Homeworld stuff, its not much but it’s something.

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This is his Homeworld screen saver pack on fb.

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Those are very, very pretty.


Still would love to see some new iPhone wallpaper if anyone has the time!

What sizes/resolutions?

Anything that’s 16:9 vertical, so 1080 x 1920 or higher res!

As far as subjects are concerned- keep it simple. Focus on a single ship at a really cool angle, or a group of ships also from a really cool angle. Or just the Homeworld logo tastefully displayed.

Two more, and full res here:

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The Mothership is perfect for this type of wallpaper!