Request for sorting gear

Im a horder and right mow most of my 200 gear slots are full. Every time i finish some story missions i see all the stuff and wonder witch ones i need to sell. There are a handful of gear i sell emedeatly (ones that boost only sprint speed, or take away attack speed). I would hope to see a sorte option for spicific things the gear effect to make it easear to find a spicific gear along with b making it easear to dismantle worthless ones

I’d love to see a screen where every new item is presented to me, in order to accept or sell it directly.
Maybe an overlay if you take a look on your gear an got some new stuff? Or after a finished mission?

That way you would never miss anything…sometimes i just don’t check new items instantly, cause of rematching or something.

On the other hand, i miss a possibility of comparing different or same items, too.
If you got a new (and duplicate) item, you have to accept it to your bank first to see the difference of stats in a comfortable way…pretty inconvenient.

I would like the option to sell gear from the mission finished screen. There are several items I know I will not need.

And when viewing inventory, it would be nice to see some sort of graphic or animation denoting newly acquired items.


I agree with rado. It would also be nice to have a “compare to” feature. You open up a loot pack and see you have a new pair of boots. Click compare to and it brings up all the boots in your inventory for a direct comparison.

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I would like an icon that lets you know which gear is the new ones you just recieved

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You can sort by “Newest”, but I find it doesn’t help as much as I would like to. That little gold logo that tells you you have something new like the helix or a new skin or a new pack, it could be on the new gears as well.

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This is exactly what i thought off, too!
Perfectly answers the question of “allright-i-got-new-gear-but-which-one-was-it”

I dont think there is an easy way for them to add a compaire feature to the loot, so i dont see them doing that. I can see the possibility for more sorting options so we can make better loadouts fastsr

At the very least I’d love an option to compare gear. A favorites option might be nice too. Not as sure about a trash option.

I thought you could compare gear? I’ve certainly managed to do it by accident. Away from my desktop right now so I can’t check what I managed to do.

But I agree, a favourite option would be really helpful to avoid having to make serious judgements calls hundreds of times over.

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to compare gear you have to be in the process of replacing it, ie you must have what you want compared set in a loadout, then select it to look at gear to replace it, puts them side by side. i do that sometimes.

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Aha, that’s what I’ve been doing.

I really like the gear section in general, but one or two tweaks would make it easier as there’s quite a lot of stuff to go through on a regular basis.

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