Request for sorting the Skins and Taunts manually

Title says it. In case someone wonders, I know you can set 1 Skin/Taunt as active and that the default skin and Taunt are always in the first spot.

My big problem always was that before unlocking any skins they had an fixed order, but after unlocking they got all mixed up and sorted alphabetical, making the skins be all mixed up depending on character specific naming.

However, if a character has several skins and/or taunts I like, i have to go look for them instead of sorting the most used in the first spots.

For as far as I can tell, the alphabetical order might be a problem as well, cause I got Premium Skins I already had from Magnus Packs and now they are in the second Spot, against the alphabetical order. So either the new system is latest unlock goes up or it’s a special issue with getting a Premium Skin you had again.

Anyways, Manual Sorting would be a quality of life change I really really would appreciate. Probably low on the To-Do List, but still. I am patient :smile: