[Request] Forum color button

@discourse: would it be possible to add a color button? It’s a bit of a pain to have to do so manually. Thanks.


Seconded. Could we also have one for spoilers?

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I would like this too.

I like This Idea!

Colour button for the win!

Spoiler: And spoiler button too, of course!

Also, did anyone else find that the icons in the edit panel toolbar had suddenly gone transparent, and were black “text” on the dark-grey background? Very odd…

Yes. Its been driving me crazy.

I think someone’s been tinkering with the site CSS again. If you look at my post above, can you actually make out the spoiler effect? Here’s a screen shot of what I’m seeing in Firefox:


Pinging @Jeffybug

I pointed out the spoiler issue earlier in my Walking Dead thread. The text being spoiled is so dark, it can barely be read when unspoiled.

everyone wants something don’t they
just gotta know


I want a Reuben button so I can press it and someone brings me a Reuben.

But I’ll take a color button, that would be less helpful but still helpful.

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You should try Montreal style smoked meat :smile:

That does look like something I would love to put in my mouth

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There, fixed that for you. Also, the microbreweries in Montreal have some really good beers on tap. Plus, the prices for food and drink are very reasonable. Finally, no skaggs!

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Both are accepted :smile: I never know which to use.
Here we just call it “smoked Meat”, even in French.

@Derch If you like Corned beef, you would love MSM, it’s unreal.