Request from a Deande main: DON'T BUFF HER!

I see a lot of posts on here saying that Deande is underpowered and asking for her to be buffed, as a Deande main this saddens me and if she is buffed in any way other than a slight movement speed increase I will not play her anymore. I am sorry to say this and I mean no offense to anyone but if you think she needs a buff then you’re playing her wrong. Yes, her attack speed is slow, yes her damage per hit is rather low, and yes her melee hitbox is very directed, but that’s part of what makes her special. She is an advanced character and you have to complete The Heliophage on advanced difficulty or reach command rank 38 to unlock her, to expect that she will be easy to use after going through that much is unrealistic and to expect her to be a female version of Rath because she’s a Jennerit assassin is ridiculous. I’m not saying this is what everyone expects of her, but many of the anti-Deande posts on here seem to insinuate as much. Deande is the most advanced of the advanced characters, not everyone will like her and not everyone will be able to use her, and that is part of the appeal for me.

To be successful with Deande you need to rely heavily on her decoy and be opportunistic, you can’t simply charge in and kill anyone in a 1-on-1 in fact she so heavily emphasises stealth tactics that she loses to almost anyone in a 1-on-1 but that’s not how she is supposed to fight. If you deploy your decoy in an opponent’s face and uncloak behind them with burst dash you’re going to win every time unless they choose to flee, which is the only way to survive a Deande assault. You have to wait patiently for your enemies to expose and isolate themselves, or bait them with your decoy while you sneak behind them, focus on the squishy enemies who you can kill quickly and retreat before the enemy team realises that you’ve just killed their front-line DPS or their healer. Never engage the tank unless their health is low and you can finish them off, and if someone spots you run or cloak before they push toward you or reinforcements arrive. Do not allow yourself to be cornered, situational awareness is key here, instead try to corner your opponents to cut off their escape. If there’s a sniper holding down a lane or pinning down your team, cloak and knock him off his perch so your team or your minions can advance, taking them out of the fight is just as good as killing them. Never enter a large brawl or you’ll be blocked and killed even if you take out one of theirs, the idea is to isolate a dangerous target and kill them while their attention is elsewhere. Sometimes you’ll end with more assists than kills, sometimes you might have the least kills or none at all, but it’s the 1%ers that are important with Deande, if you can harass and disrupt the enemy team then yours can secure the kills that you can not and push where you can not, because you can do things that they can not and you shouldn’t always be prioritising kills and looking at the leaderboard but if you see an opportunity you take it.

If you play against a tanky team you’re gonna have a hard time with Deande, and if you go in with a soft team with no composition and little or no support then you’re gonna be on your own. The best teammates for Deande are a ranged tank who can split the enemy team; ISIC is ideal as his presence alone causes enemies to retreat and his splash damage causes them to scatter allowing Deande free roam, and a late-game support like Kleese as Deande can hold her own early game but when it comes time to push the objective and claim the win she performs best when there is a heavy priority target to absorb aggro and take attention off her while she sneaks her way around the battlefield isolating enemies and stun-locking them with her ult while her decoy runs amok among their lines.

If Deande is buffed she’ll just become another Rath or Phoebe, and we already have Rath and Phoebe so why can’t we have an assassin who actually assassinates rather than the ones we have now who just fight 1-on-1 and win effortlessly? Is it too much to ask for people to take a little more time practicing how to play Deande properly and learning her ideal playstyle? She’s different from the others, and that’s a good thing, she’s 1 of 25 so she should be unique and her design is so intricate that you have to think about your approach when using her instead of just killing whatever you see first or whatever comes closest to you. Leave Deande alone Gearbox, you did a brilliant job with her and she is perfect the way she is, don’t buff her there are 24 other characters for those who don’t like her or don’t know how to use her yet. When the skeptics see how good she is they’ll stop asking for her to be buffed and start liking her the way she is :slight_smile:

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Deande is epic once you get to know her play style.
I got deande when i was level 13 and played her for over 30 games.
In the beginning it was very difficult to get the hang of killing other battleborns.
but once you get to know her tactics she wins a 1 on 1 every time.
she is great and does indeed not need a power buff, you just gotta figure out her playstyle

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Only thing I’d change on her is shave maybe a second off blink storms wind up so it’s useful in more situations and possibly widen her melee hit box a little so it matches up more with her swing animation.

I agree with you though that she’s incredible fun and you have to pick your chances better than you would with others. She can be very tricky to chase down due to the stealth, decoy and her flying kick being able to get her up ledges that near every other battleborn can’t reach.