Request from me and other players online

So other players I have been talking about with online for the xbox one bata have had a lot of similar complaints and suggestions. I will be making a list of them below.

Minions: The smaller minions have too much health and just one of them can push back a player. The biggest complaint I get about the minions was how much health they have and how much damage they can take.

View change: A lot of people would like a different camera view for when your playing the game. If we can get the option to play with 2nd or 3rd person camera views would be great for the game and allow players that can get motion sick very easily to play and with how bright the colours are for some people that play the melee characters they get dizzy.

Maps: There are a lot of little rocks, grass, and hills players will get caught on and it will completely stop them in their tracks. They will not be able to jump over them or move pass them at all. So if you could clean up those little walls the players would greatly appreciate it.

Episode 1: The Algorithm: At the first mini boss fight with The Henchman’s one of The Henchman glitched in behind the close door you are suppose to advance through causing use to get locked in that room unable to advance.

Combat Effects: I have had a few people complain about the combat effects of special moves while in combat complete blocking their views and completely covering their screens. If you could make them a little more see through it would help a lot.

Oscar Mike: A bigger clip on him maybe 10 - 15 rounds at max and 1 second faster reload time.

Rath: He puts out a lot of damage in a short amount of time and other melee characters can’t compete on a basic 1v1. If you could reduce his attack time by 10% at most it should balance him out.

Phoebe: Phoebe will sometimes spawn in the game without her Rapier and won’t be able to attack players or minions with out it.

Whiskey Foxtrot: Needs a bigger clip and faster reload time. Same as Oscar Mike.

Reyna: Reyna seems really balanced already. I haven’t found anything wrong with her yet.

Benedict: My only issue with him is his reload time and run speed/flight speed. As he is a character with a big gun that can’t put out a lot of damage really quick in combat, he should be able to run from a fight or escape from a fight quicker.

UPDATE: 4/16/2016 6:06 PM

Player quits: There should be penalty for players willing quitting a game. Like a 30 minute penalty the doubles each time they do it with in a limited amount of games.

Re-spawn: Sometimes characters will re-spawn backwards or facing a wall.

UPDATE: 4/16/2016 11:09 PM

Toby: I and other people have Toby unlocked but can’t play with him. I am not sure if that is a bug but it seems to be a big complaint among the players I have came across. (For the Xbox one)

Re-spawn: Came across another re-spawn glitch, this time a player was locked to the spawn point at the very beginning of the game.

UPDATE: 4/18/2016 3:17 PM

Isic: Isic’s Overcharge is over powered with the unlimited timespan on him is too much. He should have a time limit on him. Even if its something like 3 minutes that would still be better then the unlimited timespan he has.

El Dragon: The Dragon Splash Needs like one more second in the air to really give people enough time to select where they will fall. Also his clothesline is really hard to control still. but that just might be how he felt with my limited time with him.

Jump Height: All characters should be able to easily jump over the smaller minions. The smaller minions should not be able to wall players in.

Minions: The smaller minions really need a debuff in health and damage to players. Its like being attacked by other players. That is too much for something that is suppose to be the weakest thing on the field. I am fine with the damage they do to other NPC’s but everyone has the same complaint about minions.

Terrain: I have a lot of clips to show where players with get stuck on things in the maps. Just not sure how to post them here. These little things that are just a little to big needs to really be fixed. This is another complaint I get from almost every player.

That was all the characters I got to play before the bata ended today. I didn’t even get a chance to play all the characters in the 4 day timespan they gave us. I barely made it to rank 27. So I didn’t even get to unlock all the characters either. I would have liked more time with the bata to try and fine all the little bugs and glitches but I didn’t get that opportunity.

That is everything I have came across so far I plan on playing more characters and updating this more and more every day to help try and build a better playable experience for everyone. I am not sure why the Xbox One only gets 4 days of open bata while the PS4 gets 10 that seems extremely unfair. We should get just as much time as every one else.

Oscar Mike needs nothing, except maybe a small damage nerf or something. In my time of using him, he is absolutely insane with his damage and versatility.

Dont think Battleborn will ever leave first person view, outside a few select abilities. There are various topics about this already.

If enough people ask for it they might add it.

totally agree with the getting caught on walls, little bits of terrain. Very frustrating to die just because you didnt walk around a corner at the exact right angle.

Also remove hero unlocks entirely. Im already giving you $60, so dont make me dump an extra 28hrs trying to get to the content. Ive tried convincing some friends to buy this game and they wont because of the hero unlock system. =P

I personally love the lock system. I love that it isn’t a pay to win game and you have to earn your characters either through ranks or missions. At least you don’t have to pay to get the characters, like Warframe.

Clearly you play him very well and the way you build him seems to help you a lot. He is a very easy character to use and I will have to try that build out to see if it is a game changer.