Request: Option to remove camera shake from dots

As the title says I would love to have an option to remove the camera shake when under elemental effects or at least tone them down further. I understand it’s great for immersion but when you’re using Amara’s spirit driver and get 2 or more elements you feel like your in the classic movie “Night at the Roxbury”. It’s almost impossible to aim, some people say they’re getting headaches, and it makes things harder for those with visual issues as is. If it were possible to tone down the violent head shaking from 2+ effects to just 1 and/or disable the effect, that would be so amazing.

I’ve reduced the head Bob or camera sway to the absolute minimum and increased the FOV as far as possible but it’s still pretty brutal.


I’d like to see it toned down. It’s one of the reasons that I don’t like to use the Driver on Amara.

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The earthquake effect gives me migraines. This needs to be toned down, have the option to lessen the effect or even just be able to turn it off. At this point it’s a danger to some gamers…myself included.

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