REQUEST: PLEASE add a shimmer to allies

I’ve mentioned this before, but again, I just spent 7 seconds blasting Typhon cuz I thought he was a slightly overweight Nog.

Can we PLEASE have a shimmer overlay added to our allies? Same thing used on FL4Ks pets would be fine, just some visual indicator that Typhon, Atlas troops, Ava, whoever is fighting on our side can be quickly differentiated from the bad guys?


But I like seeing a player in FFYL and no clue where they are all while blasting a Fl4ks pet who won’t die!


I would rather a green outline. Like when you mark something it will be highlighted red, so same effect just green for allies.

And obviously an option to turn it off for those that don’t want it.


No. Bad idea. Looks bad in my opinion.

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Personally, I don’t like the outline to FL4K’s pets, so maybe it could be their name, a green health bar to show they are friendly and how much health they have, and maybe a symbol to show they’re an ally.

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Yes, a shimmer was just one thought. There are a number of ways this could be done, I just would like them to pick one of them.
And making it optional is certainly a good idea also.


Necro’ing this one cuz it’s even more irritating in the Hammerlocks DLC.

When you’re in Eistra’s camp and you get attacked, the enemies are freakin’ identical to your allies.
Same models, same behavior, same whatever. So I actually just run to the side of the fight and take my time trying to identify enemies from friends.
Make ‘em shimmer. OR tag em (tags that can be seen from a distance). Or something fer cryin’ out loud.


Was it a Slass for all?

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