[Request] Repair Weapon for Support Frigates and Repair Corvettes

As most HW player is aware, the behaviors for the repair corvettes and support frigates are direct copy-paste functions of the repair mechanic from the HW2 resource collector. They must dock physically with their target before initiating repair. While this by itself isn’t game breaking it is highly irritating and diminishes the utility of repair ships altogether.


  • Is the line that initiates the repair in HWR and HW2 classic. Placing – before it breaks the behavior. I’ve been unable to find where the repair function itself is embedded and would love some assistance hunting it down and looking into making a ship weapon in lieu of the docking behavior.

I’ll continue working around in the files trying to hunt down the base function but extra eyes and hands would be appreciated.


The repair command isn’t exposed as a lua script, it’s one of the hard-coded abilities. You can configure it with those various values, but you can’t actually change it’s logic.

Good to know while at the same time being a gigantic pain in the backside. Disabling the behavior is easy, makes me wonder if there isn’t a workaround that could be pounded out via custom weapons creation (See something akin to an ion-beam that used a negative damage variable. Fairly certain HW2 does not currently allow for this but it is still a nice thought.)

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That would only be a partial solution. You would still need code telling the repair ship to move on to the next ship when done, or to disengage when the target is fully healed.

Yes it is!

And i totally support you work! Good luck man, cant wait to see this dumb mechanic change.

Right now the partial workaround would still be a better start than nothing. Lua is fairly new to me as is fiddling with the HW2 engine but this is something that is fixable, or at least should be fixable. Someone had mentioned on the relic forums something to modify the .hod’s

The repair corvettes have their own behavior scripting. Someone else hunted this down.

function Update_Kus_RepairCorvette(CustomGroup, playerIndex, shipID)
if Player_GetLevelOfDifficulty(playerIndex) > 0 then
SobGroup_AbilityActivate(CustomGroup, AB_Targeting, 0)
SobGroup_AbilityActivate(CustomGroup, AB_Attack, 0)
SobGroup_RepairSobGroup(CustomGroup, “Player_Ships”…SobGroup_OwnedBy(CustomGroup))


Though from my understanding that someone might be close to getting this done on the relic forums via scripting.

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I hope this get fixed asap, repair should be the way to counter upgrades, but the current system is too slow and fail on the purpose of field repair