[Request] spawn locations for joining players

When a new player joins an in-progress mission they seem to always spawn at the map’s beginning New-U station which seems to also change the New-U association of current players.

More than once I’ve been fighting a boss solo, a new player has joined, I died, I re-spawned at the map’s beginning New-U and had to run/fight my way back to the boss. I’ve died and re-spawned at New-U stations activated by new players as they try to catch up to the group. I’ve joined a game, spawned at the beginning, saw the group was almost to the boss, and while the team is in the boss fight I’m trying to sprint through mobs to get there in time and dying along the way. If someone joins a game they’re needed with the rest of the group, not by themselves at the map start.

Maybe globally changing the New-U association is an effort to keep groups together if someone dies? Whatever the reason could joining players spawn at the last New-U activated by the group leader? Or better yet, in addition to spawning at the leader’s recent New-U, could New-U associations be specific to players?

why is this still a thing?

This is still an issue. Why is no one talking about it? It literately makes me want to not play the game . I’m tired of running to the other end of the map, trying to avoid waves of enemies, just to meet up with the host . Have me spawn near him. Fix this!