Request to Add Pass Leader When Exiting Game Or Auto Pass Lead

I have had enough of trying to utilize Matchmaking, only to be kicked from the game when the leader decides HE/SHE has had enough. Sure I can go play with friends, but I also like the idea of meeting new players via Matchmaking. As it stands right now, I could care less. Is there something in the works to rectify this crap, or are we just stuck with no defense against those who simply quit the game.


No joke. I was looking for a pass the leader option for a few minutes and realized it didn’t exist. Very very very weird that something so basic isn’t in the game.

Reminds me of when I had a PC custom built.
Last year I had a PC built for music production and when I picked it up it didn’t have wifi capabilities. I specced most of the things I wanted in the pc but I didn’t say I wanted WiFi. When I called the business after getting home and setting up they said “well you didn’t ask for WiFi.” My response was “it’s 2018 I didn’t realize I had to ask for my very expensive custom PC to come with WiFi.” They apologized, said I was right, and corrected it.

It’s 2019 (almost 2020) gbx. How about a pass leader option for the game. Jesus Christ


It would be a very helpful option. Matchmaking is currently a cluster f*ck especially when people are constantly quitting because of MH modifiers are not to their liking or their just farming a single boss.
The entire matchmaking system NEEDS a MAJOR overhaul it’s currently a nightmare…


I second this. On work nights I only play a few hours, and I set my game to open and feel really bad if I have to close it on others, especially if it’s a full game. I’ve played like an hour longer than I should just to keep the group together if someone joined recently then feel it at work next day lol.


One of the best ideas I have seen in awhile. Would solve a lot of issue.

A wired connection is stronger and you can get a better motherboard for less by not getting wifi. That’s what I did when I built my computer.

Anyways. Y’all. The game hosts on the leaders system. There’s no way to pass, because everything is basically being done on their end and then passed back to everyone else. The enemies and their movements are being created and tracked on one person’s system, and fed to everyone else. If it was on a server, passing would be possible.

If I understand correctly, the main concern of the OP is the dissolution of the party rather than not being able to save map/quest progress. I don’t know about PC, but host migration to keep the remainder of the party together can definitely work on consoles. Diablo 3 works that way. IIRC, it teleports everybody to town and starts a new game - but at least everybody gets to stay together. I don’t see why this shouldn’t be possible in BL3 - at least for console.


Makes sense

This is why BL3 is mostly Single Player and content should be designed as such.

You understand correctly. There isn’t any reason why previous titles have had the ability to stay together in some fashion or another and the same system can’t be implemented in this title. I could care less about map progress, unless Slaughter Shaft, and then I am definitely entering the area of “butthurtness”.

I myself wonder if people are just quitting because the mayhem modifiers are not too their liking. Why would you ever do this? Sure quitting and restarting this game is a no brainer while farming, however I only do that so the instances will reset. I think that the mayhem modifiers are fine. The one change I could see would be moving the weapons into their own separate categories. Stacking three together is ridiculous. Especially when paired with Elemental or Physical damage reduction modifiers.