Request to have Miko's heal prioritize lowest health target or highlight current heal target

I’d like to request that if a bunch of team mates are bunched up and in range of the heal beam, that the heal beam prioritize the lowest health team mate target.


Is there even a way to select the target other than simply being the closest character? I find this odd as well. End up healing someone that is completely topped off while another toon half a pace away is only at two bars.

I’d probably settle for some sort of character highlighting to show you who you currently have selected to heal if you start healing.

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This would really be nice. When they’re bunched up, it can be difficult to get your healing beam to land on the person you want it to.

That would be really nice. Either that or make it so that Healing Beam locks onto a target and only releases when they get out of range or you release and hold the button again.

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