Request to remove Neon Light border around Gear

would like to be able to see my weapons/gear on my trophy wall WITHOUT the neon border outline.

I want to be able to apply Halloween skin on gun and showcase it, but the neon light border around gun is distracting.

also if you are able to lighten that wall up a little that would be cool too.

great job on a great game!


not sure if this is your issue but you could turn down your light bloom in settings

I’ll give that a shot. Thanks

also dumb suggestion, like really dumb but uh…is the contrast/gamma on your monitor/television set higher than normal?

Ill check.

Do you have outer neon light around your gear on the wall in your room?

For instance if it’s legendary it’s a bright gold outer neon light.

Yes, haven’t paid much attention to my wall mounts though. Unfortunately until bank expansion is done my lower level alts are using it to store stuff I want to try out on them at 50. Not sure when I’ll get to theme the rooms according to the Hunters like I want to.