[Request] Turning off notifications about moderator reports

Is there a way to turn off these notifications?

Thanks for letting us know. We agree there is an issue and we’re looking into it.

I don’t want to disable my PMs, but I’d like to not get these anymore. Thanks.

Yeah, I was thinking about that today… Discourse doesn’t seem to allow this on another website I moderate, but maybe they might update it…

Hmm not a bad thought. I’ll look into this a little bit. Thanks guys!

EDIT: I’ve disabled this feature for now at least and we can see how things go.

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What notifications are these anyway? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one so I’m curious as to what you are referencing.

When someone flags a post, we get to approve or disapprove the flag. This generates a standard message sent to the flagger to let them know that the flag has been seen by a mod. It’s automated, and can feel a little impersonal. I think we’re still going to personally pm flaggers where appropriate, even if it’s only to say thank you. Unless we hear otherwise. Let us know. It’s a marginally more time spent for us, but you guys deserve it.

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Oh, those. I don’t mind those at all, but I can see why others would get annoyed with them.

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