Request: Varelsi Conservator Swarm Survival Mode Mini-Op (Light Lore Spoilers)

Mellka’s lore mentions that she fought and defeated a “swarm” of seven Conservators and hundreds of Varelsi during the darkening of Penarc. With how the main story ends, it would be amazing if you could implement a survival mode in the Void’s Edge arena or really anywhere on Bliss where we fight an increasing number of Conservators simultaneously. One Conservator, even on Advanced, isn’t scary. Multiple would be due to the increasingly hectic volleys of voidfire and growing numbers of trash mobs. It’d be really exciting, especially if it was doable to have the number of simultaneous conservators up to 10 and if we could have an increased player limit.

One thing that’d be really really cool would be if you could somehow accomplish thin on a slightly larger map and allow up to 30 players (one for each Battleborn). Obviously the difficulty would have to scale based on player count, like usual, but this would feel so amazing. You could have the entire roster of BB fighting as a team against a massive Varelsi incursion featuring Conservators, Gunhulks, and every Varelsi type there is.

I know the idea of Survival has been brought up before but if you could implement it like this I feel it’d be thematically appropriate and very exciting.


Like the idea, speaking of mellka, she is probably one of the most dangerous battleborn lore wise, ■■■■ one of those conservatores actually had its corpse left behind and not teleported



I’m not sure about that, she was very enraged so her sense of thought was less there, I would really like to see in terms of how destructive a battleborn can get lore wise (like not overall skill and experience, just destruction) ISIC and orendi could get WAY higher along with some of old attikus and rune boldur

Lol I was mostly joking. I’m pretty sure Orendi up there. ISIC is up there but not at the top. Alani, Ambra, and Gally, the weird maybe love triangle frenemy thingamajigger are lore wise the strongest from what I’ve read. Caldarius is also pretty strong, but they three have unrivaled potential and nearly limitless strength.
But, on topic, this would be cool if not impossible to pull off

Topic derailed XD But if we’re being serious here, look at the damage Caldarius can do. We watch him destroy a Jennerit destroyer/aircraft carrier in less than three-seconds, faster than they could even begin retaliate or defend themselves. He’s such a badass the entire fleet runs the ■■■■ away from him instantly. Also, he spend a century on the frontlines of each of the most major conflicts the universe has ever seen so his combat experience could only hope to be topped by a Jennerit Sustained (I know he’s sustained too but he spent his entire time sustained in prison going crazy so his Immortal-time doesnt count). So with him we have seemingly unstoppable power on a fleet-battle scale combined with impossi-veteran experience.

What, no they are powerful yes, but all three of them and especially galilea are prone to rage where thought is thrown out the window, galilea only has wraith abilities and warrior skill, ambra some fire and at likely energy draining meteor dropping, and alani needs large amounts of water, IMO whiskey is the most dangerous if you bring experience and skills, weapons and battletactics in

Have you read their lore? Also rage is recognized as quite useful in this game
Yeah he’s a contestant in this fight. It depends on his suit tbh, as it needs to recharge which is a HUGE weakness. Otherwise he’d be the best

Yes, alani managed to have her nanomachines speed to the water and controlled a WHOLE LOT to drown energy drained sisters, ambra can lay down meteors that drain her substantially, galilea massacres thrall, my problem with that is they are one of the only people to really be put feats in their lore, also on caldarius, the only thing I wonder is what if he was only able to destroy that ship because he was full charged recently and destroyed a ship with presumably many weaknesses considering his weapons, plus apparently units have taken down shock troopers before, plus if he did that, why can’t he just solo rendain, I’m pretty sure all battleborn have amazing reaction times too

Perhaps work backwards
Most of the UPR work off of guns, so no. Montana can take a beating but still dies easily (and hurts himself). Gally is likely winner
Rogue is likely Shayne and Aurox or Orendi. Pendles is unexceptional, Reyna can shoot? WF is scrappy but doesn’t have great power, mostly weapons, same for Toby
Eldrid… Miko I wanna say is a no, but that’s up for debate. Kelvin is debatable as his ice wall is supposed to be huge but uh, isnt. Alani can do a whole lot. Thorn has anger. Boldur can’t die which is important to note. Mellka took on 7 conservators. This one is quite vague
LLC is ISIC. I feel like that one is safe
Jennerit is Ambra or Caldy (mayhaps Beatrix but that’s a nonstarter). I wanna say Ambra here as they both manipulate gravity but one needs to recharge

So Gally, maybe Monty, Shayne and Aurox, Orendi, all the Eldrid, ISIC, Caldy, Ambra
I’d cut that down to Eldrid, maybe Gally, s and a, Orendi, maybe Ambra

We are talking about in destruction right because if everything then whiskey is high up there, also montana is TOUGH

Ambra boiled a whole planet guys

That was via a lengthy ritual that involved all of the other silent sisters and potentially a warship though so I see that as being more of a Jennerit super weapon thing than Ambra specifically.

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Lore wise it is though

As for pendles, while definitely low on destructo meter, he is probably THE most dangerous battleborn when it comes to assassination, as ghalt implies a BIG reason he is on the team is so the battleborn are safe,the very BATTLEBORN themselves are in danger if pendles was hired to kill one of them as implied by ghalt, you gotta admit that is crazy

GUYS! Can we please talk about how AWESOME it would be to have a mode that can be played with 30 people. Especially if you can get a whole group in the forums, or through a stream, just RECKING! Lag though… BUT idc, I already have lag spikes.
GEARBOX! Make this mode happen. :smiley: