Requesting add a number over weapon to show its slot position

like if u equip four similar weapon, like 4 handgun , 3 handgun one Submachine gun, and they all have similar or same property , like fire elemental, it’s really hard to distinguish them, so if there was a little figure over the gun , like 1 2 3 4, it’s more easily to know what slot we are using.

use weapon skins :wink: works great for my infinity builds :slight_smile:

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would also help to have up down left and right keys for console when you swap to classic controls

i am on PC, but use joypad

yeah no idea how pc controllers work as with consoles you often get combo press buttons like hold right bumper and press y and all my pc games that I used a controller on are old been using a keyboard for the most part for the last 10 years