Requesting Grog Nozzle

(m4ss3y) #1

After years of Destiny and Overwatch, I finally see how much of gem this game is. I’ve been getting back on the grind recently, and was wondering if anyone has a Grog Nozzle they could drop me. Level 72 OP8 would be perfect, or anything close to that as I am attempting to hit max level now.

I don’t have much to barter with yet, but I do have those special edition heads/skins, vault hunter relic and also the sky rocket grenade if they are considered rare haha

I’d just appreciate this beast of a gun. My gamertag is m4ss3y if anyone on the 360 version would like to grind soon. Have a great day, y’all!

(1sirus2) #2

Which special edition skins do you have?

(m4ss3y) #3

I got the collector’s edition back in 2012 when the game was released so all the heads and skins that begin with “Special Edition”

Maya- Clean Shave, Fired Up
Axton- Snowblind, Fired Up
Zer0- F0rg0tten, Fired Up
Salvador- Private Eyes, Fired Up

I’m pretty sure every time I make a new character, I get these in their backpack for me to drop. I will verify when I get home tonight

(1sirus2) #4

I sent you a friend request, GT UGC Darkstripe.
Nice 13 years of live, btw.

(m4ss3y) #5

hahaha sounds good!

Back in 2004 I was punking all of my high school friends at Halo so when Halo 2 dropped with Live capabilities I felt the need to punk the world. Haven’t stopped since.

(1sirus2) #6

I’ve been playing Xbox since Halo CE, but unfortunately not on this account until 2007, and not with XBL until a couple years later.
9 is a big enough number for me lol

(m4ss3y) #7

Hey I just walked my girlfriend through the steps to create a new character and check if I can drop the heads AND the skins.

It turns out I can, so I will be on tonight!