Requesting help power leveling

Hello fellow badasses, I need some help in leveling up. My level 72 op8 save file corrupted and now I only have a level 24 any help would be great!


What?? Your Op8 Gunzerker gone forever?? I generally dont give boost, but sometimes I can invite you when farming raid bosses… And I can help you at Digistruct when your char reach lv 72.

i can masacre shoplifters and dragons (for eridium and xp).

you have ps+. turn on that cloud backup. it’s worth it…

Yea sadly my cloud got filled up so it did not save on there . Fml

Thanks, it really blows that this happened right after I finished my gubzerker set up with the pimperniel

Hey you think you could help me out then?

Could I get some help too? My PSN is whirlwind3582

Sent FR. It should b in your ps inbox

Hey could I get some help on power leveling also?