Requesting new feature to enhance end game : Character Ranking System

Borderlands 3 contains almost all mechanics and features I value in a game. In that sense it is real close to perfection. Unfortunately, being close to perfect renders the few flaws more apparent.

The one feature missing (in my opinion) is a way of measuring and ranking the power of your characters. I would like to compare my Amara to my Zane. I would like to compare my Amara to my friends Amara or perhaps a youtubers/streamers Amara.

One solution would be to add some sort of “high score” or “Record time” to challenges such as the Maliwan Takedown, and the Proving Grounds on different mayhem levels. This would be a measurement that is effected by the equipment, the build and the execution. These record times could then be used to compare my Zane to other Zanes and could be used for some sort of ranking.

Competing with yourself and your friends in this way would be a great new initiative to acquire the perfect gear. I would no longer be content with being able to complete the takedown at mayhem 10, I would want to beat my record time. This would further enhance the already great end game content of Borderlands 3.

If i would dare to dream even further, these record times could be used for monthly challenges and rankings for each Character. Who can compete the takedown with Amara using the Spiritual Driver etc.

What are your thoughts? Are you too missing a ranking system? Does anyone know if the developers have discussed similar ideas?


I miss the BL1 weapon perk system where your accuracy and handling would improve with specific weapon types (SMG, Sniper etc.) the more you used them. It gave me incentive to use weapons I don’t usually use like Rocket Launchers.


Ranking would be quickly made pointless by modded gear and is it really a thing in a non competetive game?

I see where you are going with having a like for like comparison between your VH’s, good idea in theory but I doub’t it’s workable out in the wild.


Yeah, I see that it might be hard to implement a ranking system. Also things like weapon buffs/nerf and item duplication could cause issues.

Still, i feel like i miss something that encourages me to improve. Maybe just a personal high score /record time that makes is possible for players to compete against themselves?

That’s the sort of thing people record themselves and share through YouTube already really. Not something I think the developer would warrant spending time and resources on to incorporate into the game I’m afraid.

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Yeah i understand, still it feels like a hassle to keep track of your record times. I mean at least in proving ground the time is being monitored to check if you beat the trial within a set interval. Just storing that time as a record would be something that you could challenge yourself to improve.

But yeah i understand and i think you are right in that the developers have other things to spend their time on.

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I’m a little surprised they didn’t have some kind of built-in Time Trial ranking tbh, it feels like most PvE games have something like that these days. But, the decision for BL3 to be fully playable offline would make cheating very difficult to stop. Maybe that’s why they didn’t include any Time Trial-esque challenges.

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I was as well, when i first heard of proving grounds before launch i thought that it would include something like that.

Exactly my first thought, one modded weapon one modded shield…game over. Beat that Scrub!

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I understand and like what ur saying. It could also be a way to say look im just as good as any youtuber.

At same time because… And i hate when ideas are killed (because limitations) off, but because there are modded items. Im sure most of the purple one shotter shields are just player made and traded or cloned from one. So i dont see anyone using them as legit.

Regulating items would require the game to be live service and well… Im playing this game because i hate live service games. I quit the division1 and 2 because of that.

There are also players glitching takedown to hell running through everything because bad map polygons and random crap like that.

As it stands theres no fair way to judge peoples times.
The best times are all exploited.

Theres no fair way to do this system yet.


Leaderboards always get hacked. It’s sad how normalized cheating is in the gaming community.

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