Requesting variety in Legendary Roid Shields

So after a significant amount of time browsing shops, grinding, and repeated use of ALT+F4, I’ve finally gotten the three TPS legendary Roid shields in perfect (or close to perfect) condition, and I have to say I’m underwhelmed. Not because they’re bad, of course, but because they’re all pretty much the same item.

The Avalanche I’m fine with because it’s also a Spike Shield and a Nova Shield on top of being a Roid Shield, so that’s neat and useful because you can use the spikes and the nova to freeze things and then enjoy the bonus melee damage that comes from your targets being frozen along with the Roid bonus. The Bigg Thumppr and the Shooting Star, though - they have no excuse for being so samey. The Thumppr is identical to the Avalanche sans the Spike/Nova effects and the Shooting Star really isn’t that far off from being a cheap knockoff Avalanche as well (although it’s not as bad as the Thumppr, because at least it has a unique statline even if the differences are extremely minor). With Borderlands’ claims of “bazillionier guns” and general gear diversity, I’m disappointed to see three Legendary-tier items that are nearly indistinguishable.


It would really, really, really make me happy if the Bigg Thumppr and the Shooting Star got buffed/altered to be more unique and more useful. How this is accomplished really doesn’t matter to me as long as something is done, but my suggestions are as follows:

  • Combine the effects of the Bigg Thumppr and the Rough Rider. The
    ideal end result would be a Roid bonus that’s always active and a
    health/damage reduction bonus to make up for the lack of shield
    capacity. A modest increase to the Roid bonus (say 10% or so) would
    also be good, to make it the “pure offense” one compared to the
    Avalanche’s more defensive nature.
  • As for the Shooting Star, a greater focus on the “starfall” effect could work out - dropping
    explosives on all nearby enemies (similar to the Nasty Surprise
    grenade) to make it the “area of effect melee” option would be a
    unique twist. Alternately, it could benefit from a movement speed
    bonus (either in general or when the Roid bonus is active).

Anyways, that’s all I have to say. Thank you for reading, and I hope you give some consideration to what I’ve said.

You do know that the Thumppr leaves you with 1 HP when it recharges?
Well, atleast I thought that it happens.

It might’ve before, but it doesn’t these days.

Mhm, that’s new for me.
Appologies if I sounded rude.

Avalanche and Shooting Star are both diverse enough if you ask me.
I think that the only reason we got the Thumppr in TPS is because it was suposed to be in BL2, but got downgraded to a purple shield at the last minute.

I disagree. Heavily. The Shooting Star’s only real advantage over the Avalanche is its comparatively easier drop source - dropping some weak child grenades on the things you melee doesn’t even come close to the utility afforded by Avalanche’s cryo effects.

That said, the Bigg Thumppr’s absence was because it had something to the tune of several million points of bonus roid damage. Due to the horrifying things Zer0 and Krieg would get up to with such damage output, it wasn’t implemented. The only reason it was known to exist before The Pre Sequel was because it showed up in the Loot The World App. You’re thinking of the Love Thumper, which was a Purple Unique that was in BL2 and appropriately balanced for what it was.

Love Thumprr was the shield I was talking about. It still has a golden/yellow core as leftover from the downgrade.
Zer0 still can hit the vivisble damage cap, with both the LT and the HoT. The SS wouldn’t make a diffirence for him.

return roid shields to their original glory in tps

i’m assuming that you mean their raid boss stomping overpoweredness, right?

IMO, the changes should be:
Avalanche - keep the same. maybe lower recharge delay by a second or two.
Thumprr - Have the 1 health thing, lengthen the recharge delay, increase roid damage by 50%
Shooting star - Multiply the damage from the dropped star by about… say… five hundred? currently the only thing it beats is jumping on the enemy in terms of damage.

Why would you want the Thumppr to have the godawful health reduction again? Even if it was insanely powerful, it was practically useless because it made the user so fragile.

High risk high reward. Get a Moxxi gun to heal yourself and everyone’s happy.

How about we complain about not having any real pure melee characters (melee DMG as primary source) in this game instead of asking to bring back mistake,which made characters without a single melee skill (Jack) melee gods.

Maybe this is just me, but I’d much rather have gear that can stand on its own merits rather than something that’s purposefully undercut to force synergy with something else. The risk/drawback would already be present in the form of heavily favoring melee gameplay and having no shields whatsoever.

The problem is not so much that the Big Thumppr is useless, it’s that there is absolutely no reason to use it. Why bother when the Shooting star is stronger and the Avalanche will freeze things, and neither kill you.

Also, i really just meant some kind of Health Regen, all the characters have some kind, although Aurelia’s kinda sucks. Moxxi guns was just an example.