Required Multiplayer Achievement

So I’m working on platinuming BL1 on my ps3, bit I need the And They’ll Tell Two Friends achievement. Unfortunately no one online seems to have said achievement. Anyone able to help me out?

Moved your topic to the PS3 Online Play section. I hope you find some vaulthunters to play with :heart:

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Sorry, and thank you!

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I to need this. Ps3 if anyone can help I’ll pm you my username

If I get the achievement and you still don’t have it I’ll gladly help you out c:

Sounds good to me

I got the plat about 2 weeks ago, you can add me if ya want,

psn: urban-stag

just put something in the request that I know you’re from here

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Request sent!

I’ll send you a request when I get back home.

just started playing, luis_lem add me