Reroll Machine Nerfs Weapons

Has anyone had this happen to them? I thought I was crazy when I noticed my fish slap go from 130K damage to 100K damage earlier. I now know what did this. Here is a night hawk SMG before and after rerolling an anoint on it. @Noelle_GBX - has this been brought to devs attention?

Before reroll:

After reroll:

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The displayed damage multiplier has always been buggy. The actual damage multiplier depends on the time of day.


It changes element but not the actual damage. It used to be x3, now it’s not. Doubt that’s a feature.

The displayed values are especially buggy while you’re on Sanctuary. Just ignore it.

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Tried traveling outside, tried restarting the game. Went back to sanctuary. My hawk is still missing x3. Tested the dummy.
Expected result (7Kx3 - original damage): at least 21k damage.
Actual: 11K

Here’s another example of gun parts rerolling along with the anointment. Look at repair time.
Before reroll:

After reroll (the anoint is the same - i know, i rerolled it a few times - the part change doesnt seem to happen 100% of the time and doesnt happen for all gear but it DOES happen):

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CoV repair time is another weird thing that seems to change randomly. Case in point: Killing Word. It has fixed parts, but the repair time will either be 3.0 or 3.5 seconds. It sometimes changes when you load in.

On your Night Hawkin dummy pic, do you have any damage boosts (Guardian Rank, artifact, skill points, etc.)? Sanctuary is always day, so there should only be a single cryo projectile. According to the thread I linked to, the damage on the dummy is all over the place, so you can’t really rely on that anyway.


He is right , it is not the machine, just standard bl3 oddities that existed long before reroll was a thing.

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Oddities or not, x3 night hawks always lose the x3 damage on 1st reroll. That’s a bug. AMD to answer the other question - only guardian rank was on. No skills or other gear affecting it.

For the Night Hawkin that is a bug but it’s an older known bug limited to the item card stats and the re-roll machine isn’t actually changing the gun at all. The projectile count is based in the time of day and will not always match what is shown on the card

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That is just dumb. Not your response, the bug. Which is now starting to look like a feature. Jesus…

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The Night Hawkin thing is part of it’s gimmick - it’s designed to be more powerful at a particular time of day, and that’s why it gets both the name and red flavour text.

As far as the Moar Linoge etc. - is that actual parts changing, or hidden stat boosts on the anointments? I think it may also be the case that break time is tied to mag size for all CoV weapons, but it’s been a while since I looked at that level of detail. Only way to tell for sure is to look at the actual parts breakdown in the weapon inspector.


Alright. My bad. I’ve just never seen it do it until the reroll. Having said that, it’s unfortunate that i haven’t been able to make this SMG useful on m10. I could use a good cryo SMG.

The Nighthawkin has had this particular feature or bug if you will since way way before the re-roll machine.

I think it becomes apparently as the reroll machine actually replaces your gun with a copy of the old one just with a new anointment so thats probably where the weird stat change happens.
You can tell its a new version of the gun as any weapon skins applied to it will be lost