Reroll machine: Which anointments?

Does the reroll machine apply any anointment to any weapon that can take that anointment? Are all anointments in the list?

Just rolled 130 times to try to get an elemental crit500 for my psychostabber. Does this seem a proportionate rng experience?

Just going in for another 130 rolls on the same gun.

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Finally there’s a reroll. I remember asking this along with other folks.

I bet the reroll also has a % chance. Meaning better anointments will show less often

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I rolled another 30 or so goes and got the anointment I wanted.

Yeah, this machine is going to be super useful. I think it’s going to be more looking at weapon stats and less on the anointment in game.


You are super unlucky, I rolled my psychostabber with elemental nova several times along with 300/90 , urad and various others before getting 100 melee I aimed for in approx 30 tries


That’s an issue, sheer number of possible anoints at 250 per roll seems steep. If it’s further weighted by “value of the anoint” or the weapon, then that compounds the issue.

I guess this will at least allow for a chance to go from completely useless to meh. Coupled with the reduced world drops means less diversity though, not more.


I asked a few people on the forums and it seems that they get anointed rolls for characters you aren’t using at the moment. Rolling against all the possible anoints.


Also it seems Terror anointed weapons can’t be put in the machine to reroll. So if it has a terror anoint, it’s keeping it. lol


I did wonder about terror anointments. They’re all on my mule account and I hadn’t gotten around to testing them.

Yeah I tested it and was disappointed. Had a couple of good rolls on guns that had Terror anoints.

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Pretty sh*t honestly.

Just spent roughly 8000 eridium to NOT get the anoint I wanted which was a urad light show. I wouldnt be so mad but getting rerolls that are for other characters is what’s infuriating.

And to punish myself some more, I just did another 4000+ eridium worth of rolls, and about half of them ended being Zane/Amara anointments LOL. Why make the price soooooo steep if every anointment is going to be included?

how much is one reroll ? then again they could update eridium drop rates on bosses though guessing my 52k eridium wouldnt last me long if i used it then.

250 eridium per roll

I just spent approximately 12k, so that’s 48 rerolls. uRad anointments obviously has a lower drop rate yhan most, which I’m fine with and didnt expect to get it reroll #1. However… when half my rerolls were for Zane and Amara and I’m playing as FL4K… that’s f*cking frustrating.


yeah they should make it so rerolls of certain character perks only show with current character your using possibly as update in future maybe then

This is a concern I had about the deep anoint pools. I’m not if there’s a clean solution because you can’t move eridium, so if you want an anoint for say Zane, but Zane’s poor, then you might have to use another character with more eridium. If the anoint pool was limited to your class and the generic one, then you would not be able to get your Zane a SNTNL-Cryo.

Plus with the deep pool, you could blow all of your eridium on Zane, not get what you want, then what do you do? Farm more or try on another character?

Eridium should be tied to the account not the character so you can more easily roll for each character instead of having to swap alts and loot. I think the costs need to be reduced or we need to have better control over the rolls.

Perhaps you should have 3 anoint options and you can select one. Even two options would be good.


I tried to get Urad on several weapons. One time I got it the first roll another time I had to reroll 20 times. It is completely random.

Current character anoints should always be the case especially in arms race and on this machine. That’s been bugging me since from day one.

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I want to update my lvl 50 Riposte Stinger that has ASA and I’m sure it will be way faster to do now. Farming a single shield and then enough eridium will be much less of a chore than trying my luck by farming the correct combination of shield/anointment so I’m quite happy about loot now (that is if dedicated loot is still decent).


I didn’t think of that. Yeah the stinger farm has just gotten easier.

The machine also gives anoints specific to the purple pay-gated skill trees, whether you have that DLC installed or not. They didn’t even adjust for that.

My return to the game lasted 15 minutes, still disappointed while it lasted.


This annoint machine works just as I had wanted tbh. I wish there wasn’t so much RNG but it is what it is. I was finally able to get me my perfect Clone Maddening Tracker and a good Plus Ultra annoint for Moze as she is my main.

This machine just made me so happy. I’m going to enjoy farming a lot more now. (And yes the eridium cost does seem a bit high but at the same time I think it makes sense. I had to spend around 4000 eridium for the annoints I wanted but it took me about 10 minutes to get said rolls on gear. In contrast I would have spent HOURS farming for a Plus Ultra with the exact annoint I wanted. I can see why it is so high as it does give you back hours of your life not farming bosses.)


There are ways to make it free :wink: