Rerolling stats and anointments, a constructive topic

Many have been vocal about rerolling anointments but I’ve never seen a topic to discuss HOW the system should work.
Here is my vision on how I would like it to be.

-Create an engaging gameplay loop

Right now the game is about setting off to kill a certain target, kill it as fast as possible and obtain it’s loot, usually it’s dedicated legendary. There is an enormous chance that when the item drops, it doesn’t have the stats/element/fire mode/scope/anointment we wanted, so it’s a long chain of saving, quitting, reloading and killing.

This is what I think would be a more engaging gameplay loop:

-Drop a legendary as close as possible to the one we want
-Complete a trial or a takedown. At the end of it an NPC spawns. It can, for a fee, reroll a single stat of a single item. Trial one can only reroll minor stuff (firing mode, scope…), takedown one can reroll major ones (stats on artifacts/coms, elements on weapons), true takedown ones can reroll anointments.

Of course they do it for a fee…

Trash mobs have a chance to drop green “ingredients” in great amounts
Badasses drop blue ones
Bosses drop epic ones, one per boss
Takedown bosses drop legendary ones, one per boss
Different classes of enemies drop different resources: robots, Maliwan, beasts, COV, guardians… They must be hunted evenly.

Costs are a mixed amount of “ingredients” depending on rarity of weapon.

With this system we would be encouraged to do a mix of activities on different maps. Mobbing, bossing, takedowns… Everything can be put in the mix and made purposeful.


overall yes
but: dont force people to run takedowns

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Would honestly pay real money than be forced into takedowns.
But I’m of the mindset of let there be raid bosses that have a high chance of loot drop. And I mean 10-20 dedicated legendaries each kill so getting a “perfect” annointment isn’t bad. But I’d rather annointments just be removed as a whole and a reroll system wouldn’t need to be made then.

Overall I like this, but I would personally prefer just having Earl/Marcus the ability to reroll gun parts and annointments. You could have the option to re roll a single stat at an exponentially increasing cost and maybe an added option to wholesale reroll the entire item on maybe a cd or much higher cost.

I would tweak this to work off the drops we already get in game. Add a system where you can strip parts at w/e cost makes sense at the time and apply them to your desired weapon. That would give more value to currency and to the mountains of useless legendarys we are already drowning in. It should be costly enough that it encourages you to farm for eridium and cash so we have more options for upgrade paths at endgame.

Using the current drop system would not encourage to run maps that are currently"abandoned"… Why go to Voracious Canopy to kill saurians when I can drop 100 times more legendaries running the usual slaughter shaft over and over again…
I feel there is the need to promote variety.

Yeah I could agree with that. My main problem with adding a bunch of physical items to the loot pool would be more stress on our already brimming banks. But they could make them stack or create a new place to store them altogether. But to me it would seem easier to just change eridium/cash drop rates to certain parts of the map to get us into the more unused sides of them. But either way could work.

Just make them resources like eridium

A very simplified version for what concerns resources could be an NPC that gives you a quest in Sanctuary :“kill x mobs and y boss, then meet me in z place to spend eridium to reroll.”

Yeah again this could work, but we already have two resources that become useless far to early in progression. I would rather use them than add a whole bunch of other stuff to an already cluttered system.

The easiest mechanism, and again drawing on something they have done, is to have a grinder. You want to add X annointment it costs:
Y eridium
Z,A,B different other legendaries at your level that include the desired annointment.

Logic being I am more than willing to trade in a SNTL Cryo woodblocker, spinner and vanquished to add that annointment to my Lightshow.

You are absolutely correct but that would reduce the game to: run the place with the best kill/drop ratio over and over and over…
Maybe they should implement a loot the universe event that boosts drop rates by map instead of by planet and let it rotate indefinitely every week.

Yeah the addition of something similar to the grinder would solve a lot of bl3s loot problems.

The thing is that is basically just another form of farming which is exactly the game play loop they are driving now with RNGesus from bosses farming . You still need to get the weapon/elemental/parts combo you want so there will still be boss farming for the base gun.

What this does allow is more interesting farming for annoints. Instead of looping the same pattern over and over with the same boss 20,50, 100 times in a row you hoping for that magical combo of weapons/parts/element and annointment you can actually do a Slaughter Shaft which is a lot more entertaining (for me) or gasp you can play the game itself and pick up stray legendaries from the normal enemies in order to get the annointment which is your lowest percentage drop.

Been playing Nioh 2 recently and I generally like how that handles it. You can random reroll almost every stat but it costs cash. You can also directly choose specific outcomes through using time gated items from doing difficult missions or co-op. You can sacrifice high level gear to level up lower gear but it has exponential cost increases by the level difference and number of times its been scaled already.

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