Rerolling super soldier shield

I guess I did this wrong.

With 5 keys accumulated, i highlighted the super soldier on the vault card and clicked E i think it was to reroll. Result, 5 keys gone and my lvl 65 shield is still an unannointed lvl 65 shield.

Is there a way to raise it in level or anoint it?

Nvm. I think I see the answer.

Everytime you hit it it should drop a new 1 in your inventory…I noticed the first of whatever I chose had no anointments aswell

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Yeah this whole Vault Card gear and anointment process was really poorly explained by the devs. I had to look at a tutorial online to realize that the “reroll” mechanic actually costs you 5 keys and gets you a completely different version of the weapon/item, directly deposited into your inventory.


With the super soldier as it’s a shield when I reroll I put the game on M10 so I’m guaranteed an anioted one. Then drop the mayhem level back to my M4 I play on.

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