Rerouter with specific annointment should be epic, can anyone confirm?

I’ve been thinking lately, since many of these new annoitments can take higher mayhem levels by themselves and do not require the standard ASE 50% elemental damage annointments on shields and grenades, ie 300/90, 150/50 and 200% while active, maybe other shield and grenade combos can be fun to play with and try out to see what can happen.
So i got to thinking about these newer annoitments and how they could work with what.
Now, i have a Rerouter with the 100% amp damage on shield break, thinking i could use the regular special amp from the rerouter, go down 50 % capacity and then as soon as i hit 0% capacity, my annointment would proc and i get another amp shot.
But then i thought of the ASS activate any effect that occurs on shield break or fill on a rerouter. You should be able to put that on a Amara or R4kk Fl4k and go to town with amp shots until the shield breaks…right?

I sort of do this with Zane and his Infiltrator COM (to ‘manually’ break the shield to trigger the amp damage). Due to the nature of how long his action skills stay up (even with Doppelbanger dropping the Clone manually), I’m usually back at a full shield by the time I’m ready to fire it again… not sure if a shield refill is necessary for that anoinntment, or if it’s triggered solely by an action skill start (and no actual shield breakage needed), because being able to fire it off that fast would have you triggering it before the shield had a chance to recharge fully… like you’d just sort of be hanging out at mid- to no shield.

Yeah, I’m kinda envisioning how the stop gap works with that annointment. When you throw R4kks, a fast shield break animation happens but then goes immediately back to where your shield was to begin with. So with a Rerouter, i would think it would operate the same way and proc when you use an action skill, whether you have full shield, half shield or even possibly no shield…