Res col beam been updated?

In one of the earlier hwrm vids we saw the res collector having a new gathering system like a pulse beam drilling into a roid and it not moving much. I think its been updated to look more like original beam but nicer now as it looks more fanned out like original but cooler with a flame sorta effect with a nice wide angle. Tho the ship doesnt seem to move around the roids still as fast as original but still i think this is a updated visual compared to the past hwrm vid isnt it? Tho if it were me i wouldnt have set them to be as close to the roids and maybe have a bit more distance between collecting and the ship and roid.

Also at this time frame 21.40 u can see it harvesting a dust cloud.


That does indeed look much, much better, given the constraints they have.

I agree, it looks much better , proof that the team knows what they’re doing. Can’t wait to play it!

OMGz they are trying to get things as close as possible?? and doing it? :wink:
(mocking all of the nay sayers and doom mongers)

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That’s pretty impressive actually. Proves that GBX listened to our call - knowing how limited the harvesting mechanic is, I’m very happy with this move!
Has there been any word on harvesting gas clouds and the nebula in Kadesh?

Yesssss this is great news. Great news! The 25th is going to be an exciting day.

I expect it to be possible, especially since those are like the only resources on that level.

I can believe it would be the same as dust clouds: they remain motionless draining one portion of it with the beam, then moving on to other portion, like they do at 21:40 in op’s video.