Research menu lag

When interacting with the research menu, when research is actually available (this doesn’t apply if you don’t have any research modules/ships and it’s empty,) the game will pause for anywhere between 0.4 and 2 seconds for me during matches.

Both my teammates and opponents, for all races, can cooberate this issue and I haven’t yet spoken to somebody that isn’t experiencing it.

Just letting you guys know/asking if you’re aware. ^^

yes, and clicking the show all button under research lags for a few seconds too.

This is being looked at right now, thanks.


Only/worse in MP? Any specific match options/races/etc? Please give me details, and lots of 'em - even if you have no trouble hitting it with any settings, give me specific settings so I can match one of your cases :wink:

Have only tried it in MP. No change in game settings seems to change anything except for the complete research… And that’s because we never have to interact with the research section of the UI. :smiley: It seems to be completely restricted to there. Have some new people in our TeamSpeak and they seem to be experiencing it do.

The usually settings I host are Sarum Dust Clouds, 3v3, with locked teams, locked positions, high resource multiplier, medium starting resources, unit cap default, and everything else disabled.

So, as I said before, seems to just be related to the research tab… But only when there’s interaction. Whether we click on the pause button, cancel button, change ship-class tab, or select a piece of research. Only with interaction does lagg seem to occur, via clicking, for me.

I’ve got a repro and we’re looking now. Stay tuned.


in a 3vs3 game, towards the end. the lag was up to 30 seconds, and when it did open, the mouse was so laggy that it was nearly impossible to click the correct research i wanted.

is it possible that the condition checking for the toggle is checking all the ships constantly, thus slowing things down when more ships are on the map?

Maybe - but the ‘lag’ and frame-rate hit has a pretty basic repro now, regardless of the population… So we’ll see if that matters - but we’re on it :wink:

okay, so if its not the amount of ships, perhaps there is some recursion happening when anything is being clicked that deals with research?

I am getting lag on every interaction with the res menu but its constant 1-2 sec delay. e.g. I would switch from vette to frig research and the game would pause a few seconds until the menu changes.

unlike most I get the lag vs cpu and online.

Yeah, I know, PvsCPU has this too. You can size your Research menu in such a way that it goes away, FYI - though that’s not a fix :wink:

You know, sometimes you write code that you just don’t see as bad until it wrecks a Patch release :wink: The funny thing is that we had a sense something was ‘odd’ about weighted layouts - they were way more expensive than made sense. Well, now we know!

With any luck my dumb bug (not a typo, etc - just a bit of bad logic) passes a speedy QA and everyone wins. fingers crossed

Time for bed!


been there, done that… will probably be there again, and do it again.