Research not visible in Karos Graveyard & Bridge of Sighs

I get the announcement that I should do new Research but when I go to my Research panel and view all I can’t see anything to Research. I even tried building 6 Research ships but nothing helps… Please help as I suspect I won’t be able to destroy the field generator in Bridge of Sighs without this new Research… is this a bug?

Could you post a screenshot showing the objective to research (top-left), as well as the list of available research? That might help Gearbox to look into this. Also, are you running any mods for the game?

Thanks for the reply PhoenixBorn.

Can’t seem to grab a screen shot… have a bit of trouble with my dual monitor set up and home world too.

However there is no Research objective in the objectives screen either, so both Research panel is blank and objectives have no reference to research.

Running no mods, launching via Steam and have auto updates on.