Research Ship Dock Paths/Scripting

I’m wanting to make a research ship that is the same as the HW1 races but there doesn’t seem to be any documentation for this. There looks to be some specific dock paths and I think I can grasp the basics of it, but I was hoping someone here might have done it before or has an extracted HOD file I can look at.

I’m assuming the first ship has a dock path, then when the second ship is built theres an auto script that tells it to dock with the first ship, and that the second ship also has a dock path associated with it, so on and so forth?

AFAIK the research ships just use really specific dock paths, ie there’s a dockfamily for ship1, ship2, ship3, etc.

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I think it is also partly hard coded :frowning:

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If I can explain this correct, each research ship has its own dock path/name . This is because each extra research ship docks to a different spot on the first research ship . The auto docking of the research ships and which ship you can/can’t build is handled by the first research ship using custom code .


Would/Are all the dockpaths on the master ship like a big spider web or are they on each individual ship?

I take this to mean like a spider web. It sounds like only the first research ship has dock paths.

Thanks for explaining this @shadowwinterknig!

EDIT: and would you mind explaining how you got it to spin?

Each research ship has it’s own spin animation. Once all research ships are docked, custom code will use FX_StartEvent to force them all to start playing that animation.


And were the animations there already or did you create them somehow?

I had to use the Hods from a pre-2.0 version of Homeworld along with CFHodEd to add the animations.

There is a “newer” version of CFHodEd that can read the textures and meshes of post 2.0 Hods but it’s not good at much else (Remastered CFHodEd [It does need to be compiled with Visual Studio])

I don’t remember if I used the newer CFHodEd to grab the textures and mesh from the post 2.0 Hods, but yeah, I did have to create the animations.


Great info! Thanks for sharing!