Reset challenges in dlc?

So is there a way to reset my challenges for the dlc or do I need to make another character for a run through? Trying to get a certain Scoville


No way to reset, you’ll need to use a different character.

Damn that’ll put me at 5. Thanks man

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Erm, you can farm bosses over and over again, who drops the scoville?

It’s a challenge reward


ah, got it - thanks

About the only thing is to make a backup copy of your save file before you hit that last bottle

Scoville is reward that you get in mail from Tourge.
So it doesn’t drop from enemy

Someone said if you bring in a second character for the final bottle both players will get a variant of it.

u can go TVHM and pick up the dlc again

Or down to normal mode.:smiley:

Challenges are already done they carry over. Like Crew Challenges. I’ll just start another character I guess. Fingers crossed🤞

This is crappy for xbox users that cant do a save file.


Sadly, no. You’ll have to make or use a different character.

What type of scoville were you looking for?

Double with 15 life steal or 100% DAM ASE

crew challenge reset is one of the things that this game really needs


Especially if that’s the only place to get the reward item.