Reset guardian rank

I joined a modded lobby without realising and my guardian rank went from 97 to 591, is there a way I can it all removed, or back down to its original state.

Not directly from Borderlands 3 or Epic.

You might however be able to use Windows tools. Navigate to the location of profile.sav (Probably Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/SaveGames). Right click on profile.sav and select restore previous versions. If this option shows multiple files then select one from before your multiplayer session and restore that.

Any other backup tool that keeps a version history could also probably do this.

Two options that I can think of:
1 Submit ticket to 2k & describe problem & include your profile.sav file
2 Rename your existing profile.sav to something like profile.ORG , what?, wait a sec Mr. Torgue wants to say something… MAKE A BACK UP COPY OF YOUR FILE FIRST. Oh, ok, thanks Mr. Torgue

Option 2 will force the game to create a new (empty!) bank however your GR’ can be easily reacquired by, you know… killing stuff. Oh all you weapon trinkets & skins go bye bye too

Thanks guy, I managed to fix it by force closing BL3 so it would ask me if I wanted to use a cloud save ( newer ) or the older save. I clicked the older save which was what I had the day before I joined the modded lobby and it went back to normal!