Reset missions in the menu

Does this option resets only the missions and keep track of your progress into the main story
Or does it completely resets your playthrough and you have to do everything again ?

Completly resets playthrough. Only thing that doesnt reset are crew challenges.

What about MM?

If your on console then you have to beat tvhm to get mayem. If your on pc then you have mahem soon as you get to sanctuary.

So…if I reset the missions then I don’t get MM anymore?

If you completed tvhm to the end you should be all set. First playthrough you have to beat it first.

And you’ve done this?

Not yet, im working on my tvhm run now. Everyone else is saying once you beat tvhm once mahem is permantly unlocked.

Just reset a character I don’t care about. Indeed it started in MM3. Neat.